3 Killer Traffic Generation Techniques

Internet scams are all over the place, as they are increasing in popularity. Unfortunately, there are also scammers who are using affiliate programs as fronts. Internet marketers understand that it isn’t just a simple case of getting the highest earnings-per-click (EPC) offer, it’s also about understanding how to attract highly targeted traffic to these offers in large streams. If you are having a little bit of trouble generating the income you desire from affiliate marketing, think about implementing some of these traffic-generating strategies to amp up the performance and your final payout:

1. SEO

Search engine optimisation is an art and no matter what anyone tells you, no one knows the Google or Yahoo algorithms except them! So, what can you do to increase your chances? Well, here are a couple of pointers:

a) Include your keywords in the title tag and domain name if possible

b) Include your keywords with a short and snappy description of your site in the meta description tag.

c) Include your keywords in the meta keyword tag.

d) Include your keywords in the body of the page a couple of times (but don’t over do it or you may be penalised)

Follow these simple steps and you’re off to a good start and are ready for some more advance techniques.

2. Articles

Writing articles is a great way to get traffic. The trick is to find keywords you can get decent traffic for, and to write articles that will rank high on Google (and other search engines) for those keywords.

What you’re looking for are “long tail” keywords. These are keyword phrases with three or more words that get a good number of monthly searches but are sort of “under the radar” of the major competitors. Finding these keywords is more art than science, but using a free tool like the Google Trends tool at WordTracker (http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/gtrends) that we discussed earlier can help.

3. Blogging

Setting up a blog is a simple three-step process. Once it’s up, you can post to your blog anytime you want. I suggest keeping it active

a) Post at least a few times per week. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. For example,

b) Post to your blog when you review a new product for your site

c) Post when you update your Squidoo content

d) Post when some news comes out that relates to your theme

A blog is just another site under your control that can send traffic to your product review pages. Since Google owns Blogger, they really like blogs there and can give you a nice traffic bump.

Try these techniques and you’ll have so much targeted traffic streaming onto your site, you won’t know where it is coming from!!

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