4 Keys To A Successful Small Business, Explosive Online Sales, And Powerful Internet Marketing

A company’s success may be largely based on a model or structure implemented by its owner or management team, however in order for it to fully succeed you need to have your entire staff collectively believe in your vision.  Whether it be marketing, customer service, sales, or daily structure, you need full employee participation in order to take your company to the highest level.  There are several different steps or keys for any small business to gain success, however these are the four main factors we believe are the heart of any successful business foundation.

1. People invest in people, not ideas- Our business model is simple: We are not the smartest, most intelligent, or articulate organization in the world but we possess a talent, a talent for passion. If you build your business around people that have a passion for success, then ideas will follow. You have to get all of your employees involved in making key decisions. The name of the game is business continuity and employee retention. Before selling yourself, your vision, and your product to the world, you have to first sell yourself to your employees. If they don’t see your vision your business will never advance or prosper. Everything you think about, whether it is the vision, success, or growth of our company has to be publicly spoken to your employees as much as possible. Tell them your vision, sell them your vision. If it takes gathering them up right now to show them, then do it! Next, allow them to be apart of the evolution of your company and its success. Even though ultimately your highest players make the final decision, encourage all of your people to voice their opinions so they can see first hand that their input had a direct result in increased production and success. Arthur Rock, a venture capitalist legend once stated “I invest in people, not ideas. If you can find good people, if they’re wrong about the product, they’ll make a switch.”

2. What time is it? The time is right now! Always remember, speed should be a virtue, not deliberation. A lack of speed in today’s world is a huge disadvantage. If you take your time thinking about whether or not a blog would be advantageous for your company, you are already one step behind your competition. In the time you’ve been pondering your decision about creating a blog, I’ve not only created mine, but made twenty five entrees, refined the aesthetics, and submitted it to major blog directories all over the web. Now I am getting traffic to my website while obtaining high quality backlinks to improve search engine optimization, while you’re still wondering if you should start a blog on Monday morning….Advantage FCP! Was it done correctly? Absolutely not. Did we have to make some changes? Absolutely. So what though! it’s still out there and already effective. People make rash decisions when they are emotional, but in the worlds of Roy Disney “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” We are living in an age where answers are instantaneous. If something can be done in a month, it can be done in a week. If something can be done in a week, it can be done in a day. If something can be done day, it can be done right now. You can take steps toward anything I have mentioned in this article right now.

3. Your worst customer is your best friend. Just read this one over again and again and think about it. We can thank Jeff Jarvis in his book, “What Would Google Do” for this one. We have a game we like to play in the office when one of us gets an unreasonable complainers calling up on Monday morning who ordered at 7pm on a Friday night after close of business and is upset that you didn’t ship his product out that day. Now he is angry and cursing, threatening to never order from us again, and threatening to make negative posts about our company on the forums or message boards. The whole time we are thinking to ourselves “this guy is out of his f’n mind- I’m not going to take this abuse so why shouldn’t I just hang up on him?” Then someone in the office reminds me, “your worst customer is your best friend.” We sit up straight, put a smile on our face, become ultra sensitive to his issues and tell ourselves- I can turn this guy around. “We empathize with you sir. You are our customer; we are in business for you, and because of you. What could we have done better in this transaction to avoid this conflict?” If you can turn your worst customer around, you can turn anyone around! I want to be clear here. I am not suggesting in any way that the customer is always right. We all know that the customer is not always right, but if the customer is upset-find out why. Engage the customer in the solution and finally thank him for helping you determine the problem. If you own a company you will maintain your reputation at all costs. In the words of Mike Paul President of MGP & Associates PR in New York “Excellent reputations are built with the bricks of honesty, accountability, and transparency, which help develop true character and integrity – like building a house with a solid foundation – and with consistency, could last a lifetime.”

4. No matter how well you do something, someone can always do it better than you. You hold the position as CEO of a major company. You have earned this title through years of a hard work, as well as a graduate degree from Harvard University. Your title gains you the respect and trust of your employees putting their faith in your decision making as a leader of their company. Unknowingly, no matter how much you use you background or experience in this process, you may not always make the right choices. No matter what your skills or intelligence may be, someone out there can do it better than you. The minute you realize this, the potential for growth as an individual will follow. No two minds think alike- That’s just not a saying, that’s a proven fact. Neuroscientists have found evidence that despite anatomical similarity, no two brains are alike. Each brain changes through a lifetime which is altered by experiences, aging, and simplest differences in mental activities. It goes back to that old saying, “Two heads are better than one.” I can bet that my “two heads are better than your one” but I can guarantee my “nineteen heads are better than your one.” Every individual’s brain fires neurons which forms our ability to uniquely reason and solve problems. Although you may have the final say, problems will be solved better when you collaborate with the insight of your entire team. Understand your weaknesses. Be brutally honest with people and expect the same in return. Marcus Buckingham — an executive at the Gallup Organization best sums it up as “Capitalize on your strengths, whatever they may be, and manage around your weaknesses. I’ve always recognized my weaknesses, and I’ve managed around them by grabbing people who have the strengths that I need.”

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