Acme People Search – How to Do Monetizing For Search Success Part 2

So what is Monetizing?

It is the process of converting our actions into making money. We started out with affiliatization which was the process of setting up our affiliate links with our parent companies which leads to monetization. If you missed my previous article read acme people search – how to affiliatize for search success part 1.

In today’s Internet World, you need to have your own website or web presence such as a blog. It used to be that people promoting their own affiliate links could just advertise through Google and take a commission, if a sale was made. Not today. Things are much fiercer today. If you want to make money on the internet, you will have to go through some hoops to get there. Fortunately, with the acme people search, you will not be required to know how to put together your own website.

Here’s the important points to take into account with having your own web site.

1.    Having your own domain name, such as, for example. Deciding on your own domain name is not always easy because many of desirable names are taken. But if you can find a domain name that is memorable and related to the people search “niche” market, it means more earnings.

2.     Search Optimization is important with having your own domain name and with your own web site hosted because having it “crawled” by Google or Yahoo, moves it up the listings giving more free traffic and more earnings in your pocket.

3.    Additional sources of revenue could be placed on your website, you will also get paid.

The acme search engine offers a very affordable hosting company to have your website hosted and it includes your own domain name. After you log into to your back office you set up your website host information. The details you are required to submit for the acme people search to send your own personalized website is the username, password and directory. The directory is usually the domain name that you will use for your website. You can also add your own website title but there is one provided.

Finally, click the ‘monetize your search engine’ button. If there are any problems connecting to your hosting account, an error message will display.

If you do receive an error, usually it is because, the username, password or the directory name is incorrect.

In the event that you can’t get the connection made, the acme person search has support available to get you additional help through step 2.

With everything connected, your new website should be placed in your directory and you will have a fully monetized acme people search ready to get queries from visitors.

In addition, You may have noticed that your display rate has jumped from 35% to 65%.

Yes, but what is Display Rate?

The Display rate is the rate that your affiliate links are displayed on your acme people search web site. A 100% display rate is what we are looking for since we want our affiliate links on our website at 100%, not 70% of our links and 30% of someone else.

I my next article, I will explain on how to get a 100% Display rate in part 3 Advertising for search success and promoting your web site.

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