Add Keywords to Website Using The Google Keyword Search Tool

Add keywords to website; one of the most talked about subjects for search engine optimization or SEO. How do you find the right keywords to optimize your website? Can’t you guess the keywords? It seems like the logical thing to do but it’s not. There are three kinds of traffic, paid, organic and the kind you get from social networks. All three of these methods require that you carefully research keywords before adding them to a website.

Most search engines have their own proprietary software for keyword research. Google has Adwords, Yahoo, Search Marketing, and MSN/Bing has Microsoft Ad Center.

Marketers that pay to get traffic to their website worry less about organic traffic and rely on ads placed throughout the web on relevant websites.

Most keyword tools are built with the advertiser wanting to spend a lot of money on ads in mind. For this article, we are focusing on beginner website builders that don’t have a lot of money to spend and have to rely on organic traffic.

Adding keywords to a website is not a guessing game. You could spend years guessing what keywords to use and never guess correctly. I say that from experience. There is a better way to find good keywords starting with the Google Search Keyword Tool; a very powerful free keyword tool.

Good Keywords are often overlooked while researching.

Keep in mind, keywords that get a high search numbers aren’t necessarily the right keywords to use. It means those keywords are highly competitive and most likely hard to rank for. Should you use keywords that have 10,000 sites competing for the same keyword, or keywords that have 5,000 websites competing?

Go for the lower amount and you’ll get better results.

It’s your job to discover keywords that have low competition. Don’t get discouraged. Good keywords still exist. If you don’t use the right keywords, your website will be none existent.

A website with no traffic is a dead website.

There are tons of search tools you can buy for keyword research but, the Google keyword search tool is the best in my opinion. I like using free tools that get the job done. Type the phrase, “Google External Tool” in the Google search engine to quickly find the tool.

Each keyword you place on your website is like food for search engines. Feed it bad keywords and you will get bad results. Just like keywords, every page of content you add to your website should be related to other pages on your website.

There was a time you could stuff keywords all over a website and get tons of traffic. Those days are gone. Keyword stuffing is not allowed anymore. Resist the temptation to stuff keywords.

Carefully researched keywords should drive traffic to your website if done correctly. The key to finding and using the right keywords is, knowing which ones are best to use. Always do careful research of keywords before adding them to you website! Be sure to customize the Google search tool when using it for keyword research.

Top 5 Google Keyword Search Tool Customization Tips.

1. Keyword Competition indicated with a green and white bar.
2. Global Monthly Searches.
Local Monthly Searches.
4. Local Search Trends.
Estimated Average CPC or Cost Per Click.

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