Affiliate Genie Review – Is Affiliate Genie a Scam?

The Affiliate Genie has finally been released and many Internet marketers have already snapped up the opportunity to use it. This is a new product developed by Chris Rempel, who has also developed many Internet marketing products that have helped me in the past.

1. So What Exactly is the Affiliate Genie Software All About?

This system does not require any programming or technical skills to use and can be used to build interactive and professional looking affiliate websites. It is an online website tool that utilizes ready made templates for building highly converting affiliate websites that are designed to convert visitors as quickly as possible into subscribers and buyers.

2. What Are the Negatives About The Affiliate Genie That I Have Found?

Because I have some basic knowledge about site building, I have found this tool to be quite simple for me even though there are Search Engine Optimization capabilities built into the tool. I also think that it should have slightly more capabilities as a web building tool. But of course, I could be feeling this way due to the fact that I already have some expertise in websites building. But for such a hands free and easy to use tool, I would say that overall I am very impressed with the speed and convenience of site building that it has provided me with.

3. Who Can Benefit from Using the Affiliate Genie System?

This tool mainly attracts marketers who do not have the technical knowledge in building their own affiliate sites. It is also for those who simply want to speed up the website building process to free up time for other tasks like me. Ever since its released, many marketers have already gotten their hands on it and are cutting down their daily time spent on their Internet marketing tasks.

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