An Honest Insight on My Internet Business

My Internet Business is a very new concept for home businesses to help them with various aspects and save their time and increase profits. Co-founded by Darren Gaudry, Rob Hannley and Dave Garven, it has been functional since April 1, 2008 and has gained a very good reputation by various market experts and home businesses who have gained from it.

 How Does It Help You?

If time and flexibility are what you lack, My Internet Business is an answer to your prayers. With the automation it provides to your business by outsourcing your tasks, you gain ample amount of time to devote to your business and perform better. The plan of action is perfect for both expert businessmen and beginners.

You may struggle with all the aspects of marketing if you have to take care of everything personally. Think about a trained professional marketer taking care of all your presentations, answering calls to resolve any queries a prospect may have, calling back to follow up, and even closing a sale! Imagine the amount of time it will save you and your business.

My Internet Business comes with a full length guided video composed by Darren Gaudry himself that provide training for all such activities, and even tell you about tips that will increase traffic to your website and hence your business.

Online and Offline Marketing

Whether you plan to market online or go for an offline campaign, My Internet Business provides you with some cutting edge tools to get the most out of it. Some resources for an online campaign train you on blogging, emails, forums, free and cheap advertising, banner advertising, internet traffic and search engine optimization, to name just a few. Information and tips on direct mailing, postcards and magazines, tele-calling are provided for offline marketing.

Business owners can even market and advertise themselves and their existing businesses, products and services using the resources of My Internet Business.

Other Advantages

PBAs, or professional business assistants, take care of all your follow ups that need to be made, relieving you of the painful task of contacting your clients yourself and freeing your time. A business management centre allows the members all the latest news and newly added products, events and sales tracking, etc. A getting started guide is available to each member on this space.


An honest and effective method of compensation is employed by My Internet Business. Each sale brings a member the commission he is supposed to receive, instantly. He is rewarded for each sale he makes and his commission may range from $300 to $2000 for a product, depending on the tier of the product. The various tiers are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. In this way the owners don’t need to wait till the end of the month for their commissions.

Due to its various positive effects many members have benefited from My Internet Business. This has made My Internet Business achieve the reputation it has over this very short span of time.

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