Are There Honest Jobs for Stay at Home Moms?

Are you anything like me? I was a teacher for fifteen years. As time went by things got harder and harder, and then I had kids! My girls changed my life in more ways than I can even begin to describe! The main thing that changed was that, all of a sudden, I just coiuld not stand the thought of leaving my girls in the care of someone else, while I went off to care of other people’s children. So, I started looking for honest jobs for stay at home moms. The more I tried, the more money I lost, and the more frustrated I became. I was beginning to think there was no such thing as honest jobs for stay at home moms.

I tried selling stuff. Anything from make up to underwear, insurance to vitamins, . . . You name it, I tried it. The meetings, the parties, the demonstrations. It really caused me to spend more time away from my family, and less time enjoying them. Plus, honestly, when it was all said and done, I wasn’t making enough money to make it all worthwhile.

Then came my freelancing stage. Hey, I’m an English teacher! I know how hard it is for people to write a decent paper! So, I decided to offer my invaluable services to the needy masses. You know what I found out, there is so much competition out there in the freelancing word, that the “needy masses” are looking for those who are willing to do the job for next to nothing. So, I chucked that idea really quickly.

That’s when I turned to the internet for options. I mean, you can do almost anything on the internet these days. So, there HAD to be a way for me to earn a living using the most life-changing technology ever created, right? For the next few months, I researched, and tried, about twenty different online “businesses”, only to conclude at the end of the day, that I had been scammed.

After months of a vicious cycle of finding a new online “business,” quickly giving money to get started, and just as quickly deciding it wasn’t real, I finally found a real business to start from home 100% on the internet. You know what I found out? I realized that the scam was not necessarily in the businesses I was trying out (although there were some really obvious warning signs to some of them), the real “scam” was in the way I was approaching the whole thing. See, for some reason, I came to these opportunities thinking that they were miracle solutions to a problem. That kind of mindset only served to grow my problem, and further increase my frustrations. No one, or very few people at least, start a traditional business thinking that they will be rich in a week. So, why do we think working from home is any different? For some reason, we have come to expect the same speed of results in establishing a business online as we get when conducting a simple research through a search engine. What we fail to understand is that even a simple search online will demand that you use your common sense and consider the source of the information. In doing a search we rarely take information at face value or settle for just one answer. The same is true of starting a home business.

You want to find honest jobs for stay at home moms? Well, learn from my experience. There are TONS of opportunities out there, but the HONEST ones will not promise to make you rich overnight. Honest jobs, from home or anywhere else, will only be successful in proportion to the effort and dedication you put into them. That’s the bottom line. If you have an entitlement mentality, in which you think you are entitled success, you will find a scam in even the best of businesses. If, however, you do your research, and approach the business with the mindset of a person who is determined, and has no choice but to make things work, then, you will succeed!

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