Art and Design Degree Online

If you have a passion for the Arts this is one of the most obtained degrees online.  Those that are more creative are drawn to the Arts tend to be more independent and their peers pursuing degrees in Business or Humanities. Being able to essentially become your own boss shows caters much more to those interested in Art and Design. The Arts major encompasses many different majors and degree paths to choose from such as Acting, Graphic Design, Fashion, Media Production, Web Design, Photography and of course Painting. All of these degrees are opened ended in the sense that there really isn’t a lecture hall associated with them at most traditional colleges. Making this type of degree ideal for obtaining online.

All of these schools offer various programs that fall under the Arts umbrella. A great reference to these places is at under the college section for Arts/Design, (non-HTML viewers, copy and past the URL in your browser). Notice the over twenty five schools listed, each with specific degree programs ranging from Acting to Yacht and Marine Design. Virtually (pun intended) every degree program you could obtain at a traditional college or university is at your disposable online.

If you are skeptical about online colleges check out a great article that was posted recently over at about the benefits of online colleges or universities.  

Obtaining a career in the arts can be difficult. Some routes are easier than others but don’t let that deter you from pursuing your passion. Be sure that while taking classes you are also building up a portfolio. When you obtain your desired degree virtually every employer is hardly going to glance at your resume. All they want to see if your portfolio because that shows them the exact skills and level you currently at, and if  that is what they are looking for in a new hire. The best way to get to a buff up your portfolio is to learn from professionals and getting involved in extra-curricular activities.

The internet is the communication and interaction medium of the future. Some experts are already starting to say that within just a matter of years most universities will be offering the majority of their classes online.

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