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3Dcart SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most advanced eCommerce solutions on the market is 3Dcart. Their innovative feature sets are flexible enough for merchants of any size. With unique customizations that include social media integration, mobile optimization and a code free set-up, the system is easy to use and professional. 3Dcart offers several different packages allowing every size storefront to find the ideal price point. At Optimum7, we have worked with several 3Dcart clients and we are very familiar with how this shopping cart system functions when it comes to SEO capabilities.

What really makes 3Dcart stand apart is the optimization integration. 3Dcart allows users to take advantage of the simple fact that SEO optimization is necessary for visibility. The system allows for easy editing of page title and Meta tags, generates search engine friendly URL’s and incorporates keyword-based content into the storefront. Other areas of optimization are covered as well. The unique social media optimization feature makes marketing products on social media sites like Twitter and FaceBook simple. Because all of the tools needed to accomplish these goals are included in 3Dcart, fully optimizing the storefront is effortless.

3Dcart  system even offers a unique blogging feature. With simple access through the admin panel, online merchants can control content and add blog postings and articles just like a traditional site. This is critical because content is often the driving force behind any optimization plan. An eCommerce site should be no different.

As a final unique feature, 3Dcart offers mobile integration.  As technology grows and more consumers turn to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, a whole new world of design has opened up.  3Dcart makes this easy by integrating mobile design and optimization into their plan. This means that mobile users will have access to a site that looks as good on their mobile device as a traditional website, allowing capitalization of a new market.

3Dcart comes complete with all the features which online merchants need to develop, manage and grow a successful online business. Features such as integrated shipping and payment options make a big difference. Further, 3Dcart has a full catalog offering excellent interface, analytics, and reporting – in short everything an online merchant needs to be successful.

This shopping cart also has many design capabilities and offers several standardized templates along with a variety of customization. Like other eCommerce solutions, beginners have the option of utilizing wizards to design and implement their storefront while more advanced users can delve right into the code to create a more customized look.

In summary, 3Dcart is a decent eCommerce solution to build and manage an online store. The standard features are traditional; however, 3Dcart has an added benefit of integrating social media, mobile media and optimization, allowing merchants to create storefronts that appeal to a broad range of users.

Optimum7 understands the need for executing a custom SEO Strategy for even a shopping cart that seems to be  fully optimized. As a store owner, you should keep in mind that the following has to be completed for any successful SEO strategy aside from the functionalities of a shopping cart solution;

Keyword Research: This is the backbone of SEO. Without identifying the correct keywords to target, it’s almost impossible to reach profitability in terms of traffic and conversions. This step is essential and should be completed by a professional internet marketing company.

On-site Optimization: While most shopping carts give you the functionality of adding custom titles and meta tags, being able to add them correctly and efficiently is a different story. Make sure that this is done correctly and that you select the right format for your URLs for the most effective SEO results.

Off-site Optimization: No shopping cart system provides this service out of the box. Building an attractive ecommerce site with a lot of functionalities and products is not sufficient. You will actually need to market it and increase the popularity of your site. This can only be done by increasing the number of relevant backlinks as well as other marketing methods. (Shopping comparison, affiliate marketing etc.)

Conversion Optimization: How profitable are you? Which marketing mediums are generating the most amount of dollars? Could you do better? How’s your checkout process functioning? The answers to all these questions rely on data, research, analysis and optimization.

Contact us if you need help with your SEO strategy for 3Dcart Ecommerce. We are a professional SEO company that understands sales, profit margins and visibility. We can help.

How Do I Achieve Good Seo?

Creating search-friendly web pages is called organic or free search engine optimization, meaning that web pages contain the details search engines seek, putting them up farther in search results without the web owner having to pay for this ranking.  Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. The building blocks of organic (free) search engine optimization include:

Make good use of keywords.

For users to find your web pages on your own site’s search engine and in commercial search engines like Google, pages must contain keyword phrases that match the phrases your users type into search boxes. Use the keywords a user will use to find your website or web pages, not the keywords you want your content to be found on. Use words on your page that resonate with your target audience and are descriptive of your site. For example, consider using the search term “car sales” rather than “vehicle auctions.” Get inside the mind of the user. Log files can be a good way to determine what your audience is searching for and what keywords you should use to draw users to your content.

Have effective site architecture.

You can develop a good site architecture that will help users easily understand the structure of your site, navigate the content, and succeed using your search engine.  Always use a sitemap. Search engines love to have a site map through which they can quickly and easily access your site’s pages for indexing.

Ensure quality links and link popularity.

The last basic of successful search engine optimization is link popularity. That’s the number and quality of links that point to your website. Link quality (links from popular, highly trafficked, or respected sites) carries far more weight than link quantity. Submit your site directly to the search engine and directories using a free submit service –  When you are submitting to directories, be sure to take the time to find the best category for your site and read the submission guidelines provided by each directory.

Factors That Can Enhance a DUI Charge in California

One thing you should know about a DUI arrest is that every DUI case is different, each with their own unique circumstances.  When it comes to deciding the penalties for a DUI charge, the judge and/or looks at many factors.  There are certain factors, however, that can enhance a DUI charge in California including:

  • Having minors in the vehicle with you at the time of arrest
  • Being under the legal drinking age (The legal age is 21 in most states.)
  • Any prior DUI charges
  • Causing an accident, injury, or death to other people
  • Having a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .20% greater than the legal limit
  • Speeding or reckless driving

In the state of California enhancements are usually added on when the charges are initially filed, but they can be added at a later time if the case is still pending and the enhancements won’t threaten the driver’s right to a fair trial. These additional allegations must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt or the sentence cannot be enhanced.  If you are found to be guilty of these additional allegations, you can probably see higher fines, longer jail sentence, longer mandatory DUI education, longer driver’s license suspension, and a more restrictive probation.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving and your case includes any one of the circumstances mentioned above, it may be beneficial to hire an experienced California DUI defense lawyer who specializes in DUI cases.  A lawyer can investigate your case and make sure that your right to a fair trial is upheld in court.

Planning & Organizing: Project Management

Providing each client with superior support often includes precise Project Management.  It is implemented by first planning and then organizing each project in efforts to fulfill its overall goal. Companies such as CODANK Charlotte Web Design and Internet Marketing typically study a business’s needs and wants and as a result are then able to help identify problems and recommend solutions. defines Project management as the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. It is often closely related to and sometimes conflated with program management.

The initial principle of project management or project planning is to keep it as simple as possible. Small projects may require little as 3 or four pages while larger projects will be much more intense.

A project plan is the basic roadmap for an entire project. Regardless of the size of the project, CODANK Charlotte Web Design recommends that you should cover the following elements:

Project Summary – a brief rundown of the specific project’s objectives.

Work breakdown structure (WBS) – the to-do-list

Assignment of resources – who is going to do the work?

Project Schedule – Detailed schedule and project completion date

Budget – allocation of money

Risk assessment – Things that could go wrong and what actions should be included in the plan to alleviate the highest-risk events

Communications – Specify how the team will meet, communicate, and report status on the project

Change control process – How will changes be handled?

A great way to put together a project plan is to assemble the project team and lead a brainstorming meeting and record the information you may need.

About CODANK Charlotte Web Design

CODANK is a top Charlotte Web Design and Internet Marketing Company located in Charlotte, NC. The company is dedicated to providing a broad range of web design services. CODANK specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Design, Online Marketing, and Web Design and Development.

For more information, visit CODANK Charlotte Web Design and Internet Marketing Company at

Five Useful Tips For Windows 7

We all are waiting for windows 7, the release date for windows 7 version is 22 October 2009. Windows 7 will give you best performance and look features. If you want to boost up your computer’s speed windows 7 will be good operating.

Now I will discuss some new features and some tips which will help you while using windows 7.

1 -: Put “Pin Up” the folder which you use Most on taskbar.

The new “pin up” feature of windows 7 allows you to add favorite folder on your taskbar.

Hold your mouse over your favorite folder, Right click on it and drag onto your task bar you can open your favorite folder, by right click on the Explorer icon and then select the folder you want to open.

2 -: Order your taskbar

Beside “pin up” feature of windows 7, you can also order your icons on taskbar as your per your needs. This feature can be done just by dragging your icons on taskbar to the order you desire.

Any of the first five icon can be opened by pressing key window + 1, window + 2, window + 3, window + 4, window + 5

3 -: File protection by Bitlocker

The Bitlocker protection feature in windows 7 will gives you security with your laptop. By enabling Bitlocker To Go Protection you can encrypt removal USB devices and external Disks.

You can enable Bitlocker To Go Protection just by right clicking on the drive and selecting turn on “Bitlocker Feature”.

4-: Clear, Crisp Display :

Windows 7 will allows you to add some cool features with your display settings. Now if you are facing problems like at your home your display look dark and at your office its not then display settings of windows 7 will going to help you a lot with two snappy applet. ClearType Text Tuning and Display Color Calibration. You can Run cttune.exe and dccw.exe or you can simply look them in the control panel.

5-: Change the Scenery:

Windows 7 allows you to personalize your desktop background to suite your moods with shuffle feature for your desktop. You can adjust your desktop background to shuffle through your favorite images.

You can enable this feature, right click on your Desktop and select “Personalize” , then “ Desktop Background.” Choose the folder where your favorite images are stored and select as many as you want.

How to Use Aromatherapy at Home?

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy that uses the healing essences of plants, shrubs and trees to restore the body and mind to a healthy and balanced state. Regular use of aromatherapy is a gentle and effective way of maintaining good health. You can help your body to function more efficiently, and alleviate the effects of stress and tension, by using aromatherapy in a number of different ways.

1. Massage – This is the most relaxing and therapeutic way of using aromatherapy at home. Essential oils are blended and then worked into the body using massage techniques that stimulate the whole system while improving the circulation and relaxing the nervous system.

2. Bathing – An aromatherapy bath is also a pleasant way to round off a tiring, stressful day. When essential oils are added to water they stimulate the skin and have a muscle relaxing effect. Aromatherapy baths are extremely beneficial in nervous tension, headache, fatigue, cold and flu, menstrual pains, muscular aches and pains.

3. Steaming and inhalation – Steaming with essential oils can be used to deep cleanse and moisten the face, helping to maintain a healthy, supple skin. The oils can also be inhaled from a handkerchief or tissue; very useful for carrying around to relieve a cold or headache. You can also try a few drops on your pillow to allow you a decent night sleep.

4. Compresses – Aromatherapy compresses can be helpful in the treatment of bruises, irritated skin conditions, muscular aches and pains. Usually you would soak the compress in approximately 300 ml of water to which 10 drops of essential oil have been added. Occasionally neat oil on a small compress can be very effective, especially for abscesses and bruises.

5. Surround yourself with scent – Essential oil burners allow you to perfume a room and improve your wellbeing at the same time. Depending on the oil you choose you can create a warm, relaxing atmosphere or a refreshing, zesty, uplifting one.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

Read more about aromatherapy, ayurveda, yoga and massage therapy at Natural cures website – a health guide to make you and your family live better, fit and healthy. Also read the benefits of anti-aging herb Shilajit and stress relieving herb Ashwagandha.

Tips And Hints On Web-Based Advertising – E-Commerce Precense As A Result Of Search-Engine On-Line Selling

If you want to discover out ideas on Web promoting, then read this article. It will teach you how Search engine marketing World wide web marketing can assist you to achieve success in on the web marketing.

Since the online marketing is recognized to the world, a lot of businessmen are opting to complete this sort of strategy simply because it can allow them to save marketing costs. Doing this type of promoting scheme is extremely advantageous to small businesses because it can be really cheap and affordable means of advertising. With this, you are able to have the biggest scope of target industry for the niche that you’re doing business in.

World wide web advertising can increase your industry simply because we all know that there are lots of folks who are surfing the web daily. These people surf the web for numerous different factors and one of those reasons is to find details various subjects. So, as a business professional it’s wise to believe of achieving far better visibility about the World wide web to ensure that many folks will be capable to visit your site immediately right after searching about relevant information about your niche. Here are some ideas on Internet advertising that will surely help you increase the scope of your target marketplace to earn better profits and sales.

One thing that you will need to accomplish is build a internet site wherein it is possible to feature and publish all your products or services. The process doesn’t stop right after making a website for your company. You will need to also promote your web site so that a lot of individuals will find out about it and discover what your goods and services are all about. 1 way to complete this is via Seo Web advertising.

Research Engine Optimization or Search engine marketing Internet promoting should always be in your mind when you think about on the web promoting. Search engine optimization is the most crucial key in increasing visitors for your website. Without the influx of site visitors for your web site, online promoting would be a failure. Remember that the web is often a big highway of details. You may need being able to compete with the many other entrepreneurs who are performing on the web advertising on the same niche that you’re in.

Search engine marketing promises every businessman to have far better web visibility within the major look for engines provided that their internet site contains articles or details about their products which are of the greatest quality. When look for engines are capable to evaluate the high quality of details that you can provide to the web surfers, it is possible to expect being place within the top search engine rankings. This means you have better visibility when people research information about your niche. These are just some of the suggestions on World wide web marketing that you can ponder on to start your success in on the internet marketing.

Free Blogging Tips and Tricks

Blogging is becoming the favorite past-time for internet users. Because blogs are free and easy to use everybody is starting a blog.  But if you want to turn your blogs into profitable investments your going to need to learn a few things.

Before you start creating a blog you need to pick a niche, and after you pick a niche it’s important that you maximize your blog for Search Engine Optimization. You can maximize your blog by picking good keywords. After you’ve found good keywords use them for your blog titles and subject lines.  This will help search engines identify your blog and direct users to it.

After you’ve chosen good keywords for your blog it’s time to provide you blog with content.  I would suggest that you write SEO articles for your blog and submit them to article directories as well.  This will provide you with better SEO ranking and give you additional traffic from article directories. 

Now it’s time to think about really generating traffic to your blog. Generating traffic is the single most important step to making money on the internet. Without traffic all of your previous efforts don’t matter. No matter what your selling on the internet if you generate enough traffic to it somebody will buy it.

There are a lot of unique ways you can generate traffic to your blog. Some of these ways include writing comments on other blogs (if you can find blogs that compliment your own, but don’t directly compete with you that would be best). You can also submit your blog to the blog directories, link your blog URL to your email, and as previously mentioned write articles for your blog and submit them to article directories with a link back to your blog.

If you don’t have any products to sell you can go to and look for good affiliates products or you can place pay per click ads on your blog.

To learn more about making money using blogs visit –

Promote your business through online means to generate more revenue

Online marketing techniques find great relevance in today’s highly competitive business environment. The basics of online marketing focus around optimizing a Web site for search engines. Every business strives to achieve the best page ranking in search engines so that they get more visibility online. Once a Web site achieves good page ranking and is able to maintain it consistently, it is likely to perform better in both online and offline activities. This is because of the popularity the online medium brings to the Web site. With the help of Internet marketing professionals, you can achieve this popularity for your brand as well.

Online promotion revolves around the idea of popularizing a Web site among search engines as well as prospective viewers. There are different ways to achieve this. The first and foremost in this is the Web site design itself. The layout, content and other minute attributes such as the use of forms, flash objects and graphics – all of these contribute towards online visibility. To understand and implement the right design requires a thorough understanding of the search engine strategies. With the help of expert Web site designers with specialized knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing techniques, you can get the appropriate design for your Web site. SEO can also do wonders for ecommerce solutions to provide online exposure to the business websites.

Second, online promotion also involves a set of strategies that help you continuously pull your Web site up in search engine rankings. Some of the popular strategies are link building, keyword optimization, social media optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC) advertising, and the like. Link building helps a Web site improve its page ranking. It also helps a business develop new partnerships and customer referrals with like-minded businesses. This, in turn, will increase growth opportunities for both parties. However, to bring positive results from link building, you need to be aware of all the aspects surrounding this process. Only an educated SEO professional can offer you the right link building service for your Web site. There are many reputed Outsourcing Companies that offer Offshore SEO services to promote your online business. To get online exposure, one can always hire a well known outsourcing company to avail their services and use their expertise for their business enhancement.

Social media optimization is one of the most effective ways to reach your brand’s name to prospective customers by word-of-mouth (online) publicity. This is one of the most reputable services as well. Compared to conventional advertisements, these online marketing methods are more acceptable to the customers while they are highly cost effective for the business.  By adopting these techniques, you can generate more revenue from your business.

IDS Logic Pvt. Ltd is an Offshore Outsourcing Company and <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/1554946’);” href=””>web design Delhi</a> agency in India providing offshore SEO, website designing and Ecommerce Solutions.

Traffic Attraction Strategies for your New Business Website Design

So, the challenging question becomes, how do I get hundreds of thousands of people to flood to my site? The answer to this question is as broad as the question itself because there are hundreds of ways to draw people into your site. Some of these traffic generating methods require money, such as PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising, but there are several ways to generate tons of traffic to your website that won’t cost you a dime.

And, in the state of today’s economy, getting something for nothing is even more exciting than usual. What are 6 ways to generate traffic on a shoestring budget?

Strategy 1: Basic SEO Traffic Strategies

There is a ton of information out there regarding Search Engine Optimization. It is easy to get caught up in a lot of logistics. So in the beginning, it is best to stick with the basic tried and true SEO elements.

· Identify your keywords

· Choose a keyword rich URL

· Make sure your Meta tags include your keywords

· Write a short to the point Meta description

· Include keyword rich content on your web pages

Strategy 2: Bi-weekly Craigslist Ads

This strategy is great for local service oriented businesses with new websites. You can post for free in most areas. Word of caution: Do not post your email address. Just direct people to your website.

Strategy 3: Social Bookmarking

By spending a little time creating your accounts and posting your website link, you can generate good back links from high page rank websites. Not only does this help with traffic but it helps with indexing your website pages in the search engines.

Strategy 4: Article Marketing

This must be one of the tried and true methods of building interest in your site and credibility with your brand. There are many websites that accept articles. There are many many people searching for what you have to offer.

Strategy 5: YouTube Videos

Video marketing is going to grow more popular than you can imagine within the next year. Putting a video on YouTube about your website and what you bring to the table is like having a permanent commercial posted online. If it’s intriguing enough and your descriptions, keywords, and tags are chosen correctly, you could see some very positive results.

Strategy 6: Blogging and Forum Posting

Do you feel like you have great stuff welling up inside your mind but struggle with writing? Browse blogs and forums related to your niche. Join the discussion. You are bound to find someone saying something that will light a creative fire with you. Next thing you know, you have contributed to the conversation with quality information. It will be written with conviction and have a nice link back to your website if you choose.