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The Best 10 Ways to Increase Web Traffic

1. Good old fashioned search engine optimization. This is perhaps, the most cost effective way to get many customers to your site, because it does not cost a thing. A web site with top ranking on even a mildly popular term, can get thousands of visitors per month. Visit any SEO forum or article database and you can find hundreds of effective search engine optimization tips and tweaks to apply to your website for free.

2. Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (PPC). Almost all of the major search engines offer some sort of Pay-Per-Click marketing. This is a great way to get targeted traffic to your site, and with some bids as low as $.01 per click, it can also be very economical. Although Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) are the main players in the PPC market, there are really good deals to be found with some of the smaller search engines, such as and

3. Traffic Exchanges. Traffic exchanges offer a website owner an instant, free way to get traffic to his/her site. Traffic Exchanges come in all kinds of themes and forms, but the underlying principle remains the same: I view your site, you view my site. The ratio of sites you view to your site views can be diverse, depending on the individual exchange, however it is recommended you find one with a 2:1 ratio or better. Traffic exchanges also offer a multi tier referral program that gives you a percentage of traffic earned by affiliates you bring into the program. Traffic Swarm,, and all offer a website owner great ways to increase traffic, or you can simply search the term “traffic exchange” in any search engine to find an exchange that fits you.

4. Link Exchanges. Link Exchanges are a fantastic way to increase web traffic, and the benefits are two-fold. Not only do you get traffic from the linking website, you also get the added benefit of better search engine placement with every link that is pointing to your site. Reciprocal linking has always been a major component of effective search engine optimization, with more and more weight being placed daily on the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site. Be sure your anchor text is the keyword(s) you are targeting, but at the same time, periodically phrase your anchor text differently so that all of the links pointing to your site do not say the same thing. This makes your links appear more “natural”. and are some good, free services to help you with your link exchange campaigns, or you can also visit any SEO forum or article/ezine database for more tips.

5. Banner Exchanges. Banner Exchanges work on the same principle as Link Exchanges, and depending on the banner you decide to promote, can be very effective at drawing targeted web traffic to your site. As with link exchanges, look for ratios of 2:1 or better, with some banner exchanges providing a 1:1 ratio. The banner you decide to use is very important, as many internet users ignore most banners they see. Your banner needs to be catchy and needs to compel the user to take action and click it right away, but at the same time you do not want it to be too flashy as to turn off potential customers. Most banner exchange programs also have an option to purchase banner impressions at very low prices, usually a few dollars for thousands of impressions. This is a great way to put your business in front of many customers, and helps to increase your “brand awareness”. and are some free banner exchanges that can provide your site immediate advertising and traffic.

6. Write Articles. Writing articles is a great, free way to promote your online business, and can bring in a substantial number of targeted customers to your site, usually within a few days. The key is to submit your article to as many databases and directories as possible. Hundreds of thousands of webmasters and other internet users worldwide search these article databases and directories daily, usually looking for quality content for their own websites. Every webmaster who reprints your article has to include your resource box, which should include a link pointing to your site. Not only will this give your business tremendous exposure, it also improves your search engine ranking with a free one-way link that your article provides. and are very popular article databases with free submission and fast approvals.

7. Paid-To-Read Campaigns (PTR). Paid-to-Read campaigns are an extremely low cost method of getting real, guaranteed visitors to your site quickly. With PTR campaigns, people are paid to view your site for a certain amount of time. Because most PTR campaigns are not targeted, this is not the most effective way to advertise. It is however, a great way to build an opt-in list or ezine subscriber base inexpensively. Usually for only a few dollars, you can send an ad out to all of the members of a program. It is always a good idea to find PTR programs that are well established, with many members in its database. Most programs have the number of subscribers and other stats prominently displayed on the main page of their web site. and are well established, have thousands of members, and low advertising prices.

8. Email Campaigns and Safelists. Email campaigns and Safelists provide yet another great option to increase web traffic. These campaigns can run the entire pricing spectrum; from free, to hundreds of dollars per email blast. Although spam concerns seem to have some advertisers reluctant to use email, if you use a proper third party or safelist, you can have targeted traffic to your site in hours. and are some safelists with huge number of opt-in subscribers.

9. Create your own Opt-In List. This is a terrific way to get your own group of ready-to-buy prospects to your site. Getting the content for your list is as easy as searching any ezine or article database, and an easy way to get people to join is to simply give something away. Another way to build a list is through viral marketing. Sites such as can help you build a large list quickly with proper advertising.

10. Purchase Web Traffic. There is not a more “hands-free” way to get traffic to your site, than to just buy it. Pricing for quality, targeted web traffic can vary greatly from site to site. It is recommended to look for web traffic campaigns that offer targeting to your specific audience, and real time stats. This way you can better manage and track your advertising dollars.

As you can see, With a little effort, and not much money, you can bring quality web site traffic to your site right away. Although not every technique is appropriate for every site, choose a few that fit you and watch your traffic surge.

Search Engine Optimization Advertising Agencies are in Demand

Internet advertising is undergoing tremendous growth, and, because of this, advertising agencies that specialize in online marketing are in high demand. The importance of having a well designed website, that customers can easily find, is understood as an important part of any companies marketing plan.

Internet advertising is a new field for many business owners, which is where an advertising agency comes in. Advertising agencies that are familiar with online marketing understand the importance of search engine optimization so that others can find your website.

Search engine optimization is not straightforward, and hiring someone to properly design your website so that it is properly optimized is worth the money. Advertising agencies that work in online marketing can create content that will bring in returning customers and use meta-tags and title pages to make your site stand out in search engines.

Another benefit of using a search engine optimization advertising agency is that they can help with link building. This is another way that you can improve your web presence, but only if done smartly. It is important to choose relevant and professional links.

Signs of a quality search engine optimization advertising agency

With the growing demand for advertising agencies that are familiar with Internet marketing it makes sense to know what makes a good search engine optimization advertising agency.

Understanding of your business. No, the advertising agency does not have to understand the daily working of your business, but they must know what your do and who your target market is. They need to know if you plan on generating a large number of online sales, or if your website is for informative purposes only.

A willingness to listen. Sure, the advertising agency is the expert on designing your site, but they need to listen to their customers concerns, on everything from effectiveness to cost.

Quality content. Some search engine optimization firms write content for their customers; others clean up and optimize the content written by the business owners, while others subcontract to outside writers. Any of these methods are fine, as long as the content is interesting, accurate and reliable. All of the content on the website is, ultimately, a reflection of the business owner, so clean copy that has not been lifted from someone else’s web page is important.

As with any other field, the increased demand for search engine optimization advertising agencies means that there will be some people trying to make money who are not qualified to do the job. A qualified company will happily explain how they plan to optimize a website, and help you track website statistics once they optimize the site. Because website optimization is a fluid process, many advertising agencies will update your site frequently as part of a complete online marketing strategy.

Aligning Online and Offline Marketing Campaigns

Many industrial and B2B companies are taking steps to add or enhance online marketing. Online marketing encompasses search engine optimization, article marketing, blogging and other Internet activity. As companies branch into the digital marketing world, it is key to evaluate current marketing initiatives and ensure that they blend with any new online marketing tactics. In fact, some online and offline marketing can work together for an added boost.

To align your marketing efforts, it is important that they follow a similar path and message. Your online marketing campaign is now as important, if not more important than your offline marketing. So, the message you send online should be planned and considered as thoroughly as the campaigns you already have in effect.

To make your digital promotion correspond well to your traditional marketing, you should ask a few questions:

1. What is your message? What are you promising? Is your website offering the answer to your message, does it guarantee to fulfill your promise?

2. Do your traditional marketing pieces have your web address place prominently on them?

3. Do both your online marketing & traditional marketing efforts provide a number, email or different ways to create action and convert customers?

To understand the importance of aligning marketing campaigns, realize that a potential client will always look to gain more knowledge before purchasing. After promotion of any type is seen, a client will do further research, if the advertisement captured their attention. One of the best ways to catch consumers is to educate them during their research stage. Providing a web address within offline marketing materials like business cards, sales books and trade show booths helps to further the “conversation” from paper to computer. Providing a web address is a powerful marketing tool, as it is not overly aggressive, yet provides you with another opportunity to catch their information like name, number and email address.

So, as you begin to flow your customers from your offline marketing to your industrial online marketing landing space, create your website to be a one stop information shop about your company, the products or services you provide, what you have given to the community and what others have to say about you. You can help a potential client have a positive impression before they even pick up the telephone or submit an online inquiry.

Every so often it is important to step back and think about how you proceed as a consumer. What actions do you take? What information are you looking for? Ask those in your company those questions and brainstorm about your ideal consumer’s buying process. It will likely include offline and online marketing channels, and a migration between the two. That is why it is important to have online and offline marketing emphasize the same message, and to have the two channels complement one another. You will be pleased with how powerful your marketing can be as the leads increase.

Header Tag Optimization

Header tag

These are HTML (H1, H2, H3, H4 etc.) tags that format text, this tags will act as headers and will show on the web page as big bold words (depending on the tags used).

H1 tag being of the biggest size and as H2 to H4 in descending sizes of letters.

Header tag optimization

Header tag optimization states that the header tags are more than a quick way to format text. It is the next most important part beside the title tag, so the keywords or key phrase must also be seen here.

If the title tags are to be considered as chapters if in comparison to a book, header tags are sub chapters. They will segregate your web page with a more organizational structure and breaks up the content in a good way. Headers will therefore be words or group of words that will give an idea as to what you will be reading all about

With regards to its uses to format the webpage, the H1 tag must be used to format the main sub headings with the H2 tag under it and finally the H3 under H2 tags for the less important ones.

Uses of header tags

Header tags when use properly will give a web page a positive factor in the search result ranking. Not only that, but it also make the web pages aesthetically pleasing to view. Header tag optimization though advises that header tags contain keywords that are related to the web page document as they are indexed also by the search engine spiders.

Search engine spider do give a lot of emphasis on large bold texts, since header tags do make your keywords appear large and in bold form in the web page, the spiders assume that they are since they look like that, these words or phrase are important enough to warrant such an appearance, thus giving a good boost in search engine ranking. That is one of the reasons why header tag optimization must also be used. In this regard, your web page will notonly be optimized for search engine, they will be viewer-friendly as well, because of the well organized presentation of your webpage.

SEO-Meta Tag Your Website

Meta Tags are a valuable aid to your search engine optimization. As some may claim to launch your site as a showstopper using Meta tags, it is not so. It will help your site improve its listing rank only and does not magically make visitors begging for more! Meta Tags are basically HTML code inserted into the website page following the title tag. Meta tags are used for many purposes but when referring to SEO, this constitutes Meta descriptions tag and Meta keywords tag. At one point of time Meta tags were very essential for search engine function as it helped them to determine the contents and subject matter of a website. Although more advanced techniques have replaced Meta tags, it is still important as search engines use them as snippets in facilitating search engine results.

But still their importance cannot be under stressed. Meta keyword tags and Meta description tags were introduced to simplify the procedure for website owners and provide search engines with Meta document data. Besides these two tags there Meta copyrights tag, Meta refresh tag, revisit tag, Meta authors tag etc. These are useful as they provide guidance to web crawlers and web browsers in prioritizing your site in the search.

At this point you would want to ask how to generate Meta tags. The Advanced Meta tag generator enables you to add Meta tags to your site for SEO purposes. To generate the Meta tag code for your site you need to fill in a simple form and the Meta tag generator generates the code for your website. The Meta tag description requires you to submit a brief description about the website and it is advisable that you concisely describe your contents so that the search engine can use them. Remember to not use too many words as most generators consider the first 20-30 words only. This Meta tag generator is available for free online.

Meta tags can also be used to make your website suitable for all user age groups, particularly children. By the addition of a PICS (platform for Internet Content Selection) label to the website, you can get your website rated. Meta tags can also control browser, robots and internal categorization of your website. Internal categories are required where you have multiple authors and contributors to your site contents. The Meta tags useful here are related to the author’s name and last update of the content. With Meta robot tag you can permit indexing by robots. Lastly you can use a Meta tag analyzer to assess the Meta tags you have used.

If you want your website to rank on the first page of Search engines, your website requires proper SEO and optimization. Contact us to know how we can get your site to top ranking –

Add Links With Forum Posting

The difference between search engine optimization(seo) and search engine marketing(sem) is money. Optimization is the art of getting ranked high in the organic(free) listings of a major search engine for the keywords for want. This provides free very targeted traffic to your website. Search engine marketing is paying not placements in a major search engine.

Search engine optimization can be broken down into 2 pieces building quality content for the keywords you are targeting and getting quality, related websites to link to that content. This article is focused on getting quality, related websites to link to your website. After all, you can have all of the quality content on a subject you want, but if no one links to it it will not rank well in a search engine. Getting ranked high for certain keywords in your industry, will bring you continual targeted traffic. This is a vital part of an overall marketing approach for any internet business. This effects the bottom line directly because it reduces the spending you need to do to get traffic.

Posting in forums is arguably the best way to pay for your hosting (you post, host gets money form forums ads), just make sure that you don’t need to post everyday only to maintain your account. Subsidy from paid accounts might be cool, but you need to be aware of constant attempt for conversion from free to paid account.

Posting in forums isn’t only helpful in generating traffic through links, it’s a two way street, whereby you get to meet and hopefully help readers resolve their unresolved issues. If you cannot resolve the issue first hand, you can steer them in the right direction by sharing links to sites that have helped you in the past.

Joining online communities and posting in forums is a great way for you to start networking and talking about your business without the pressure of in-person networking. Forums give you the chance to prove yourself as a knowledgeable person in your field, and as a respected member of the community. Additionally, the high traffic nature of forums make them natural candidates for frequent Googlebot visits, which boosts the PageRank of your site as well as provides some indirect marketing for you.

Now let’s talk about online discussion forums. Not only is the traffic targeted, but if you take the time to analyze your site statistics, you will find that this type of traffic will spend longer on your webpages than other types of traffic.

A name that goes unmatched when it comes to service, depth of knowledge and of course help. You will often notice for yourself that the best forums are really those where the members are passionate about the subject the forum deals with, are successful themselves or at least very enthusiastic about what they do and there is this inherent energy about seeing everyone out there reach the pinnacle of success.

Another way is to provide higher search engine rankings and higher adsense revenue is by forum posting. This technique is most profitable for ranking high in Google. It is a good idea to link many other sites that are related to your subject as you can. You will find that some websites have achieved their top rankings with the help of links from forums and messageboards. So the idea is to find some high quality forums or message boards related to your industry and try to keep posting there. So whenever you post in forums you can post your links in the signature which can help your website to top rank in the search engines.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Seo’s and Ppc’s

Both SEO and PPC advertising are the two main methods of online marketing. Both of these are aimed at getting highly targeted visitors to the website by making the website rank on search engine results for the keywords being targeted.

Cost and Budget considerations often result in a business having to make a choice between using organic search optimization or pay per click advertising for their business.

Now as we talk about SEO’s vs PPC’s there shall also be some explanations about as how the both strategies of marketing go about.

SEO’s refer to the search engine results that appear. Ranking can not be bought and ranking is a result of organic non-biased steps taken over a period of time.

Organic listings are the results that appear in the main section of a search engine such as Google when there is a search for something.

In a Pay Per Click results are already paid for and results are almost immediate to achieve. Recent years have seen an exponential rise in competition and steep rise in pay per click costs.

Surveys and studies have suggested that users are more likely to click on organic search results that appear on the main section of the page rather than the paid listings that appear as ads on the right.

Organic listings are non-biased and cannot be bought. As such users trust the results more than the paid listings which are a result of paid advertising. The conversion rate for organic listings is much higher than for paid listings.

Rising cost of pay per click. Pay per click campaigns are becoming more expensive day by day as competition is increasing. It is common now a days to pay as much as £1 or £2 per click for a top 5 position in pay per click campaigns like Google ad words.

The results of organic search engine optimization campaign are more permanent that pay per click. In pay per click the results stop almost immediately at the end of the campaign whereas in organic listings the rank remains.

Pay per click advertising is a much quicker way to get results. It is useful to advertise events other marketing campaigns that cannot be planned months in advance. Organic Search Engine Optimization is a time consuming task and organic listings often takes months to achieve.

Is Optimizing Your Website for Bing will benefit you in future?

Is Optimizing Your Website for Bing will benefit you in future?

As many a blog entry will go over, there’s been a good amount of buzzing around the launch of Microsoft’s new Bing search engine. Moreover, there’s been a well-brought-up quantity of rumor on what the growing popularity of Bing — along with their recent agreement with Yahoo — will mean in regards to Search Engine Optimization.

There is lot of rumor in internet that Bing is stealing market share from Google. Question keep on buzzing in our mind

1. What if Bing, after the initial buzz around their launch upland, begins to steadily challenge Google’s long standing dominance both in market share and SEO focus?

2. What can I do now to start making sure my site is well optimized for Bing so that I’m not playing catch up a year from now when all of my competitors are ranking well within both Google and Bing?

In response to the first question, what seems to be the common theme in most responses to this by industry experts is that Google for a long time now hasn’t had a realistic challenger to its search dominance, allowing them to focus on side projects such as the recently announced Chrome OS, upcoming Google Wave, and Cloud applications such as Google Documents.

What you’ll most likely see as Bing becomes a stronger competitor in the realm of Search, is that Google will begin — as it has already with the May launch of their “Show Options” feature — to release features to better compete with some of Bing’s advertised advantages over Google.

While many of these changes will be designed to enhance and better organize results, many believe the recent competition imposing by Bing will benefit visitors looking for relevant results, as well as sites looking to have them found for relevant queries.

In response to the second question, the answer is to continue to focus on the same SEO best practices you’ve been focusing on.  The type of SEO work and tasks webmasters need to perform to be successful in Bing haven’t changed — all of the skills and knowledge that webmasters have invested in previously applies fully today with Bing. Moreover, investments in solid, reputable SEO work made for Bing will bring similar improvements in your website’s page rank in Google and Yahoo! as well.

SEO task you should do for Bing optimization for your website.

* Unique, keyword-oriented Titles and Meta Descriptions for ever page of your site

* Keyword-oriented, clean and well-structured URLs

* Singular themes per page with keyword-oriented content in reference to your page’s theme

* Submission of a well structured and relevant XML sitemap to Bing’s Webmaster Center

* Submission of your site to Bing using Bing’s Ping service

There still certain factors while starting SEO service for Bing search engine such as the quality of your inbound links, along with other standard SEO best practices play significant roles.

While the same SEO best practices will assist your site’s ranking within Bing, some of these items — according to initial studies — seem to play a greater role with Bing than they do with Google.  Meta Descriptions is one example. Currently, Bing places more importance on the quality of your Meta Descriptions than Google does.

What this means for some sites is that focusing on these same SEO practices, with a tighter focus on the quality of your Meta Descriptions and quality, unique content can help even sites reliant on longer-tail searches be more visible, due to different user behavior on Bing.  This is true as well with a more local-focus being presented by Bing. It is reported that Bing is weighting local results in a more aggressive manner than Google.

Of course, with Bing being relatively new, things could change as the competition with Google heats up. The advent of new features and options — some of which will focus on micro formats, RDF and other advanced SEO practices — is sure to keep this space dynamic as well.

Secrets of Search Engine Optimization and AIDA Revealed! – by Gervais Group LLC

Gervais Group LLC – Read News by Gervais Group LLC – Gervais Group LLC is an Atlanta IT Consulting and SEO Company: How about that for a shameless, attention getting title? The truth is, regardless of how many visitors your search engine optimization and marketing company’s efforts drive to your site, it won’t matter unless you can grab their attention within three to seven seconds. Miss that brief opportunity to engage your visitors and they’ve clicked the “back” button, returning to their search engine of choice to see what your competitors have to offer.

This is where the AIDA sales model can transform your search engine optimized pages from simple traffic drivers to the presentation of a systematic process that drives increased conversions as well. Originally created for print advertising in the mid 1920’s, the AIDA model’s relevancy carries through to the present day and is commonly used across traditional media venues and the internet.

Breaking down its acronym, the first aspect of the AIDA model is “Attention”. For visitors landing on your site, making it immediately clear that they have found what they’re looking (keyword relevance) for will grab their attention keep them at your site to look for more information. The attention phase, which has grabbed the visitor, then segues to the next phase by playing to consumer motivations such as fear, the promise of gain, and hidden knowledge (like the title of this article).

The next step in the process is attracting the visitors “Interest”. This is where the problem that the visitor is trying to solve is discussed in great detail. Emotional pull of testimonies and stories can have dramatic effects in this phase. If you are selling, for example, a skin care product the emotional baggage and pain of having acne as it relates to the visitor can both put focus on the problem and that there is an understanding of the pain it is causing.

Having detailed the problem with some emotional pull, the next phase in the process is “Desire”, where you present the solution to the problem your visitor is trying to fix. One of the biggest benefits of search engine optimization is that the traffic arriving at your site is already seeking a solution, relieving you of having to create desire for your product. Your objective then is to build on that desire, describing the benefits and positioning your product/service as the solution to the visitor’s problem. The happy ending provided by your product/service to the testimonials and/or stories presented earlier can provide the finishing touch in building the desire to purchase by adding logical proof to the emotional aspect of the process.

The purchase is encouraged in the last phase of the model, known as the call to “Action”. Here is where you make you offer with guarantees and a sense of urgency, asking for the sale (or other form of conversion) then and there. The presentation of a strong offer, combined with the preceding steps of Attention, Interest, and Desire should generate conversions at a much higher rate than before you combined search engine optimization with AIDA.          
SEO Services

Advantages Of Search Engine Optimization

The Internet has now become a very crowded place. Few years back the number of websites on the World Wide Web was not as huge as it is today. Today the number of websites on the Internet is in millions. In this situation it is very difficult for any website to stand out of the crowd. No website today can survive without proper promotional efforts to make your website a well visited one. To ensure a regular flow of traffic towards your website you need to get it search engine optimized. Search Engine Optimization is a must nowadays. No website can survive today without search engine optimization. Search engine optimization helps you in getting your website noticed. Your page ranking can be improved and this can be your key to online success.

The biggest advantage of search engine optimization is that your page ranking improves through search engine optimization. Whenever somebody enters a keyword in the search bar of a search engine, he or she gets the result in few seconds. The websites that appear towards the top of this result page get more chances of getting more visitors. The visits of people on your website are really important. All those websites, which get more visitors, are good gross earners. The earning of a website is very much dependent on the number of visitors a website gets. If a website gets more visitors, the chances of increase in the volume of business are more. If this is not the case, you will not be able to make sales. Getting more web traffic through search engine optimization not only helps you in increasing your sales, it also helps in making money through lending promotional support to other websites. If you place the links of other websites on your website, you can charge them for this service. Thus in this way, search engine optimization helps you in making money online.

Search engine optimization is important. You can become search engine optimized by submitting your website to the search engines. You need to rearrange the content of your website as well. Also, you can place the links of your website on some places on the web; this will help you in getting more visitors. Search engine optimization will help you in making more money online in this way.