DUI Manslaughter in California

In the state of California vehicular manslaughter is considered a crime of negligently driving a vehicle and causing the death of another person.  You could also receive a vehicular manslaughter charge if there was a death of a passenger in your own car that was caused while breaking the law.

There are many consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs depending on the severity of the incident.  If you did not cause harm or injury to a passenger or another driver, the penalties are not as great as accidents in which someone is hurt or killed.

A DUI related fatality can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony drunk driving offense depending on factors that will be determined by your defense attorney.  If the offense involved gross negligence that resulted in death of a pedestrian, motorist, passenger, or bicyclist, there’s the possibility that it will be charged as a felony.  It is not considered a homicide because there was no intent to kill another person. 

Generally speaking, if you are convicted of DUI manslaughter in California, you could be sentenced to jail for up to four years, or, if gross negligence or extreme recklessness is proven, up to 10 years in a state prison may be handed down as punishment.  Other penalties include extended periods of probation and a criminal record that can limit your choices of career and employment. 

Keep in mind that when you do drink and drive, there’s always that possibility of causing death or injury to another person.

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