Ezine Article Submission – Step To Success

Ezine is considered to be one of the most trafficked article directories in the online world today. There are about 11 millions visitors visiting Ezine every month. It provides the article submission service which involves two main factors. These factors are the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the article marketing. It is very necessary to have basic knowledge of both these factors in order to establish a link between them.

SEO is a process which is very useful in making the modifications of the on-site as well as off-site factors for your website. You will be able to get updated with the latest keywords of the search engine thereby, increase your website ranking. The on-site optimization is comparatively easy as you can make changes in your own website as per the latest taste of the people online. You can add the targeted keyword or phrase to the tags of your articles which will drive more traffic on your website.

The off-site optimization is bit tougher because it is regarding the link building. You have to attract people to link to your website. This requires article marketing.

Article marketing is all about creating the content. You can write various articles by yourself or can hire someone to write for you so that the marketing of your article will work better. While writing and promoting your article, you should try to include couple of links back to your website. Such links are regarded as the back links which are counted as a “vote” by the search engines. Try to include the targeted keywords as the anchor text in the back links. The anchor text is the couple of words that is placed in your link and provides the description of your page or article. More the number of back links; better will be your rankings in the search engine.

The important fact of Ezine article submission is that each article is checked manually and approved by the human editor of Ezine directory. So, there is no chance of cheating the system technically or manually. The guidelines of this directory are vey strict but, very useful when your article gets published on this directory. You will need to spare much of your time in reading and understanding the guidelines of Ezine article submission but, each guideline has an appropriate reason.

Thus, consistent effort to submit Ezine articles every day will provide good results on your website.

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