Five Benefits of Social Media

More individuals and small businesses are posing the question ‘what the heck do I do with all this social media stuff?’   And while most of the online marketing gurus support it, many people are still wondering exactly how to benefit from the new networking possibilities.  Do not be overwhelmed by the follow information and remember that the vast majority of people have yet to leverage the full capability of social media.

Social Media Influences SEO
Generating a large number of back-links to your primary website is one of the foremost goals for any successful search engine optimization strategy.  Social media provides for this when communities create links to good content.  Essentially, a passionate community is a linking community.  Relevant topics gain momentum as viral channels obtain information and distribute it to the rest of the online world.

Impacting Paid Advertising on Search Engines
Achieving high organic rankings is considered the lowest cost means of increasing visibility.  Paid advertising, or pay-per-click, is also a smart tactic which seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.  This strategy can generate significant results when launching a new campaign, targeting a specific audience, or just seeking to grab visibility in front of competitor customers.

Social Media Features High Quality Sites That Engage and Persuade
Remember that content is still paramount, and has the ability to engage casual onlookers to your point of view.  Sites such as Xanga, Friendster, Bebo, Flickr and imeem are just a few that provide a well-formatted presentation to your following.   This effect only serves to enhance the predominant message or image conveyed.

Tracking and Measurability
Measuring your online success is essential for reinvesting your time , money and resources.  Fortunately, web analytics programs allow users to pinpoint the specific links that send maximum traffic to your site.  Targeting those links is key when it comes time to add additional content to your marketing campaign.

Improving Site Conversion Rates
These rates consist of the website visitor percentage that turn into leads and then customers.  This concept is also known as your sales funnel in which there are multiple stages through which prospects progress over time.  Social media can improve this rates by allowing prospects to know, like and trust you more than in years past.

View Social media not as a destination but rather as a tool in an integrated marketing plan which connects like-minded people.  Your community will naturally grow given you provide quality content that engenders passion and loyalty to those relationships.

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