How Being an Optimist or Pessimist Affects Your Life!

Everyone is faced with decisions every day of our lives. Life is filled with change, and choices that we all must face. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an event your choice will probably be much different than just talking to someone, and telling them your story and then listening to their answers. Anyone you’ve explained your situation to, will look at the issue at hand and make recommendations from a totally different point of view than you will. It’s all a matter of perspective based on information and facts available.

You can look at any issue you face, from many different perspectives. A good example of this is the view of the pessimist who views his life as a total loss and lives in his own world of self-defeat. The optimist looks at the situation totally different and see’s every experience in his or her life as a stepping stone and the issue at hand as one more challenge in life’s journey.

Why should we make the right choice here? Because every decision you make in life will affect your future in only two ways: either good or bad. Pessimistic attitudes are contagious and someone who is a pessimistic will drag everyone around them down, whether it’s in their personal life, academic, occupational or political and a negative attitude will affect everyone they come in contact with. Having a bad attitude can even have a devastating effect on your physical and social well being.

Success with your online business will definitely be affected by your attitude. Of course being optimistic about where you want to take your site with the search engines is imperative if you want to experience Top Positions on Google and other fine search engines.

You must maintain a very optimistic attitude and believe that all the bad things you’ve heard about online marketing will not happen to you, and your every movement must be laser focused on becoming a success on the internet. You may not become one of the next dot com millionaires that we’ve all heard about, however, you can become very successful in your online efforts if you maintain a good attitude and work hard to make it all happen.

Whether you’re a pessimist or an optimist, you’ll be faced with choices that will require a decision to be rendered. This will be true with every aspect of your life. Remember it’s a matter of perception. Is the glass half empty or is the glass half full. Your positive attitude will always make any challenge you face in life to be more acceptable and your end result will always be better for you and the ones you love. You may encounter defeat every once in a while during your lifetime, however, defeat is only temporary and will soon pass as soon as you analyze your alternatives, and make the right choices to the issue at hand.

The positive expectations of an optimist are evident by their attitude after a terrible fall. They get up, brush themselves off and continue with their journey to a successful outcome and consider the fall as just a mere bump in the road to achieving their goals. The optimist will always see opportunities in their life, rather than seeing any challenges as insurmountable. Your loved ones and those who you associate with will also be affected. Those around you who share a positive attitude will always gravitate to the positive surroundings generated by an optimistic individual. This is one area of your life that “opposites attract” does not apply to.

Optimistic attitudes in one’s life will severely affect your business success as well. Have you ever heard of a successful Search Engine Optimization Specialist who was not optimistic by nature? Absolutely not! You will never hear of someone who is successful be considered as anything but optimistic in everything they do. I think Butch Hamilton the SEO Master said it best when he said “you are what you’re thinking right now.” If you think you can accomplish a goal, then the chances are excellent that you will do it and be successful. If you think you can’t, then it probably won’t happen for you.

People will respond positively to optimists because they are proactive and less dependent on others for their success and happiness. Those who are true optimist are normally accepted by people around them rather quickly, while than those who are always touting the philosophy of doom and gloom, panic and hysteria are treated totally different. When the going gets tough, the optimists get tougher and downright tenacious.

Some professionals say that “Optimists normally live longer, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and with their positive attitude records show that there is a measurable increase in the body’s ability to fight off common colds, flu, and disease that others seem to attract.” It has also been stated that an optimist will age better as well, as a result of having a good outlook on life in general.

Enjoy the benefits of a positive attitude which will make your daily online chores and duties more pleasurable, not only for yourself but also for those around you. If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you won’t!

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