How many keywords should have in a single Ad campaign?

In my previous article “How do I discover keywords that nobody else is bidding on?” you have learn that how can you discover your keywords, keyword research, keyword analysis, what tools can you use to discover keywords, how make keyword phrases for your ad campaign or website. Now we will learn and concentrate on very important and necessary step when we want an impressive and effective ad campaign, means to say how many keywords should have in a single ad campaign?” When we talk about keywords instantly mind set towards the logic of keywords. I always think that any discussion about handling more than a handful of keywords in a site should give a nod to one of ad campaign.

There are two discussions about keywords: 1. “Keywords” – meaning the words or phrases “targeted” by a page, i.e., the words or phrases you design the campaign to ranks for.2. “Keywords” – the content of the keywords META tag

During plan a campaign, you will have needed both types of keyword meaning discussed above. Important element in creating a successful campaign is choosing the right words. Targeted words and phrases are better than broad words. Phrases typically work better than single words. Targeted words and phrases mean that you will be getting targeted buyers.

Before AdWords cancel your ad, you’re warned with a series of keywords criteria and your campaign delivery is slowed down and restricted as follows: Strong-this is the ideal situation for your keyword and its associated ad(s), which are showing at full delivery.Moderate-the ads for this keyword are showing at full delivery but there is still room to improve the CTR on Google search pages if you would like.At risk- the ads for this keyword are showing at full delivery but may stop showing soon.Slowed-the ads for this keyword are showing less frequently than usual.Disabled-the ads for this keyword aren’t showing any longer.

Now we will look at, ‘But how many phrases of keyword or content should be’. 1. Keyword should be look like targeted message. For example “Best SEO for my website!”2. Choosing the right words. Keyword should tell completer about your product or service like if you are SEO provider then right keywords will “SEO” other than “We are SEO” or “Find an SEO”.3. Beyond two and three word phrases, better targeting can also result using specific model names or numbers.4. Intelligent word selection and an effective message in your text box will make your campaign more targeted, more efficient and more successful!5. Write naturally, don’t force anything, be fluid.

Here is a little nugget for you – I hope you’re listening “Keywords are just as important for a successful linking strategy as they are for a keyword optimization strategy on ad campaign.”

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