How to Generate Traffic with Internet Article Marketing

Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry.  Internet article marketing is an internet marketing technique to subtly advertise products and services via online article directories.  Most directories receive a high volume of traffic and are considered authority sites by search engines, which often results in submitted articles receiving substantial free traffic. 

Article marketing uses article directories as a free host and receives traffic through organic searches due to the directory’s search engine authority.  This can be very useful to new internet marketers as it does not require a big budget.

All you need to do is write articles and provide a link in your article to your website.  You then submit your article to the various free article directories.  People will then read your articles and click the link and then visit your website.  The idea then is that they purchase an item or product you are promoting and you will earn a commission from that purchase.

Articles you write can also be used as content in your blog. 

Article writing is a popular way of generating traffic to your website or blog.  It is a free, simple to do and it works. 

Create a title that will catch the reader’s eye and curiosity.  Make sure it solves a problem for the reader as most people on the internet are looking for answers to problems. 

Your article should provide value to the reader.  Remember, people want to know what’s in it for them.  The whole concept of internet article marketing is to drive traffic to your website so you can increase your leads and generate more sales.  Your article content should be of quality.  Your reputation depends upon you providing quality information to your readers.  Once you have branded yourself, and are consistently providing value to your readers, the number of readers to your site will increase. 

You can promote your articles, by either Tweeting them or by pinging them in social media settings. 

When writing articles, your first paragraph should state a problem. You should then explain how your article is going to solve the problem. 

Try making an outline first, covering the points you want to make in your article.  This way you do not forget to cover specific points in your article.  When writing your article, make sure you are writing with the reader in mind.  It may help to define terms you are using if you believe any of the readers may not know exactly what you are writing about.  Try to make paragraphs short.  People are more apt to read shorter paragraphs than longer ones. 

More is sometimes better.  If you provide more information than is needed in your article, readers will see that you are being open and willing to provide more information than is needed.  They will see that you really do understand what you are writing about and not afraid to tell all. 

People like to read stories.  If you can relate a personal story to something in your article, people will see that you are a real person. 

Your final paragraph should summarize your article.  Have it say what your first paragraph started out covering.

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