How To Use Keywords Effectively

Knowing how to use keywords effectively could determine success or failure as an internet marketer. Keywords are useful for search engine optimization techniques. With the right keywords optimized, your web pages would enjoy high search engine ranking and visibility. When this is achieved, quality web traffic can easily be generated and sustained which would definitely help earn money online. However to do this effectively, it is important to first understand how search engines work.

Search engines are useful programs for locating data, files, web pages and images on the internet. Search engines make use of special algorithm programs to trawl over web pages indexing and ranking them. Crawlers and spiders are used to systematically trawl over web pages indexing parts of them to be used to rank them when a search is being conducted. During a search, a search engine user inputs a search word or phrase known as keywords. Using them as a basis, spiders search for relevant pages ranking them in order of relevance. In a matter of seconds, search results are displayed showing web pages that contain the keywords in full or part. Taking time to understanding how search engines work would help in using keywords effectively.

Being able to identify relevant keywords to your web pages is thus the most important aspect of using them effectively. Chosen keywords should be relevant to your web content and should reflect possible search keywords used by search engine users daily. Some internet marketers seeking to direct traffic to money making websites, make use of available software that suggests popular keywords based on actual use during previous searches. The software also measures the relevance of chosen keywords, showing the exact number of times they were used in the past. After identifying the right keywords, you need to optimize them in your website.

Divide chosen keywords or phrases into primary and secondary keywords. Optimize primary phrases using a keyword density of 4-6% while the secondary phrases should have a density between 2-4%. The phrases should not be too long, ideally under 4-5 words. Keywords should not over stuff the web page or article as this does more harm than good, and the practice is known as keyword spam (frowned upon by search engine). In using keywords effectively, try to affix some in the top of the article, preferably in the first few sentences. Space them out and avoid cluttering them in a particular place. However, they must appear in the first and last paragraph as well as the body.

In summary, using keywords effectively involves using the right keywords with the right density and in the right places. To increase search engine visibility and ranking, keywords should also be used in other parts of the web page. Such places include the URL, the Meta tags and Heading tags. This is necessary as crawlers and spiders check here first and use them to rank web pages.

Advertising tips on using keywords effectively would always mention that web content or articles should be written with human readers in mind. Many marketers in a bid to please search engine spiders create low quality content that are rich in keywords but fail to be useful to the readers. When this happens, the reader leaves quickly and gets a negative impression of the web business. Web content should optimize for keywords but should do so in a logical way making for pleasant and informative read.

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