How To Write An Article Review – Article Titles

How to write an article review would be one hell of a big article as there are many aspects to consider. I am going to give you though  sound advice about selecting the title of your articles as this will help increase traffic and sales your article generates.  I can’t stress how important the article title is. Many novice article writers simply pluck an interesting title from the air and go with it. This is a major mistake. Unless you get very lucky your article will get a small burst of traffic when it goes live, perhaps for a few days then die a slow death and get the odd page view now and again.

Your article title must be a long tail key phrase that generates at least 20 search engine queries a day. It is possible to get your article on Goggles first page for long tail key phrase which will ensure you get a small but steady stream of traffic for many months or even years to come.

Use free online keyword tools such as Word Tracker to seek out long tail keywords. If you are promoting a product such as an eBook full of shed plans, do the following. Type “shed plans” into Word Tracker and copy each result it returns in to Google search. If you find any articles in the first 10 search results then the phrase is ideal for an article title and your main keywords.

To optimise your article title even more try and use 2 different key phrases in your article title and make sure both these key phrases are included in your article keywords.

Just thinking more about your article titles and making sure the article title can rank on Goggles first page will generate you thousands more visitors and many more sales from multiple articles over a year.

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