Internet Web Traffic – Free Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Web Site

One of the most important factors of business and making money, is internet web traffic. Without it you will never see a single sale, or lead, I guarantee it! Traffic is what moves busines, but after that it is sales copy and the conversion of the traffic.

First thing is first. It doesn’t matter HOW MUCH traffic you get or attract, but WHAT KIND. If you traffic is not targeted enough you might as bell be without it. If your traffic is not going to convert into sales what is the point of having more of it? Better focus your efforts on smaller, but more targeted traffic, or in many cases, lots of targeted traffic.

So what is BAD examples of traffic that rarely converts. It could be things like safelists, FFA’s or link exchanges. While link exchanges is the best method out of the three, it’s still not too targeted. Think about it. People are there for almost the same reason, click your site so they can get a credit for their site. They don’t really care about your website, unless you hit them really hard in the face.

Some really good internet web traffic is search engine optimization. That is where you target your website to rank high in Google for a specific keyword, in order to drive free traffic from the organic listings. This method of promotion is an artfor that migh take a while to master.

The more searches and less competition is usually a good sign, but you don’t want too little competition or it usually means that keyword is not good enough (since it’s not been targeted before). If you keep a portfolio of keywords you want to rank for and keep adding content to your website using those keywords you will eventually rank your website!

Another way to drive targeted internet web traffic is video marketing. Submit your highly relevant and valuable, content video to a website such as YouTube and see the amount of views rapidly increase for this video. If you do a good job of “pitching” your website (usually done with good content and a strong call to action), you get a free visitor from that exchange.

The exchange online is value for traffic, when it comes to free marketing. Unless you are “straight selling something”, which means you are just promoting your website and a person is specifically looking for that at the present moment, like search engine optimization.

Otherwise you want to focus on: Value, Rapport, and Trust. These ingredients will kick serious ass in the internet web traffic world!

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