Izigg Have you heard about iZigg?

It’s no secret that email marketing is becoming a thing of the past. So how can you market your product effectively without using email, knowing that you’re going to get results? There are a lot of people out there talking about various social media plans to make you money, but iZigg stands head and shoulders above this crowd. It’s a mobile media platform that offers you a lot of opportunities to make money using mobile marketing.

Unlike the dwindling open rates of emails, a whopping 97% of SMS text messages are read. That is a phenomenal conversion and a guaranteed way to know that you are getting in front of people. Any entrepreneur or business can take advantage of this opportunity, whether for an online or offline company.

The cost of the service and platform starts at $14.95 and up to $1,500 per month for more advanced services. There is also a great application service on the website that will allow you to begin marketing through text immediately as soon as your payment goes through.

One of the coolest things about iZigg is that they have managed to get the number ‘90210′ as their official number. This number is literally the most recognizable 5 digit number in the world since it reminds people of the neighborhood in Beverly Hills (and the popular TV show).  Most importantly, it’s easy to remember, and that is extremely important for successful mobile marketing.

IZigg can make a powerful addition to the efforts of any entrepreneur or business person. It is a guaranteed way to generate traffic and increase exposure, using the most cutting edge platform in the market today that people still trust and use more frequently than any other. To learn more about how you can make this new program work for you please visit:

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