Make Money Writing Articles-$1000 a Day-Extra Money

To make money writing articles, one must know how the writing industry work and “beat the system” To make money writing articles, beating the system means finding a way to earn the most money possible for your articles. To do this, you must market yourself in order to make $1000 or more per day. Here are some steps to getting paid $1000 a day writing articles from home.

Create a Website- You want to stand out from the rest of the writers, right? You want to make money writing articles? Then your first step would be to create a website that showcases your writing abilities. Try to include a picture of yourself so that people will trust your services and make sure to include samples of your writing. You might want to either link to PDF files of your written work to make it look more professional.  Or, you can publish your articles on free blogs and then link to that in order to showcase your writing style. To make money writing articles, you need to let clients know you are serious and the type of writer you are.

Sell Pre-written articles-Selling pre-written articles is a perfect choice for supplementing your income if you are looking to make money writing articles. Many webmasters will happily buy pre-written articles that are related to a certain niche. Find an un-tapped niche (market) and write your articles based around that niche to make money writing articles. Now, market your pre-written articles and watch how fast they sell! There are webmasters out there that are willing to pay $10-$20 per niche article. If you are good with re-writing articles, why not just find a written article on the niche and re-write it?

SEO Articles- This type of content is perfect to make money writing articles because they sell like hot cakes. SEO articles can get a lot of traffic to the right owner. That is why webmasters don’t mind paying $20 or more for a well written SEO article. Learning search engine optimization is not that hard. Just look online and take a course or read up on SEO to start writing your articles. The biggest thing about SEO articles Is learning keyword density and keyword placement.

Ezine Articles- These type of articles is perfect if you want to make money writing articles. Ezine articles are basically content that will be submitted to article directories. These are starting to become more and more popular amongst webmasters who are looking to get traffic to their own website.  In some cases, the webmaster might want you to add some keywords to the articles, but in most cases, you will not have to do the keyword research yourself. 

Getting paid to write articles is the perfect way to make a full time income from home. The writing industry will always be popular, and if you follow these steps, you can make money writing articles in no time.  

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