New Blog Blueprint Review: Is The New Auto Blog Blueprint a Scam or an Autoblogging Program you Need to Pay Attention to?

In this blog blueprint review, I’d like to share with you the strongest points of the program as well as 1 thing that in my opinion needs to be improved, which is the actual creation of the blogs.

There’s a piece of software called AutoBlog Installer. It is priceless in the sense that it installs and configures blogs and plugins for you. It saves you hours of time, but there is still a lot of work involved because you need to personalize the blog and still configures some other stuff. So in spite of this great piece of software, you can’t possibly, if you work alone, create even 100 blogs a month.

The whole blog blueprint concept is based under the assumption, and a legitimate one that I really want to share in this blog blueprint review, that you create 7 to 10 blogs a month, start small and then expand.

With this system, you can easily earn 30 to 40 dollars a month per blog. That’s how you end up create a $57,600 a year business autoblogging. I definitely don’t like autoblog courses that promise financial freedom with 10 blogs in total.

This realistic approach to autoblogging is for me the biggest reason why I joined this group and the biggest reason why I wrote this review.

Then, If you want to take this approach and make your blogging empire and create for example 200 blogs a month, you can, but with some help. You then need to outsource this work, the blog creation and the promotion involved with each blog.

I’ve found is the place to go when it comes to outsoucing. I’ve always found great content writers, people that does SEO for me and good software programmer. It’s a very structured outsourcing place, which is very good.

I’d like to share with you in this blog blueprint review 2 components that are key for this blog blueprint system: AutoBlogBuddy and SEO.

The AutoBlogBuddy software will take your blog to the next level by creating an autoblogging machine. Once this simple yet powerful plugin is installed and configured on your blog, you can forget about it, at least about content writing. (in my opinion you still need to test, track and monitor the progress of your blog)

AutoBlogBuddy is like a bunch of different plugin within a plugin. It pulls data from a lot of different reliable sources. It pulls data out of ebay, amazon, syndicate kahuna, a huge network of articles, article feeder, a great article directory, your own PLR or otherwise written articles and from any datafeed of your choice. You can be assured that each article posted by AutoBlogBuddy on your blog is going to be unique, thanks to a unique system that avoids duplicate content. It automatically mixes articles and other data so each post is unique. This plugin is phenomenal. I’ve tested it, for 2 weeks, read the posts it generates and there are really good.

The other big thing I lay out in this blog blueprint review is SEO. Another feature of the amazing AutoblogBuddy plugin, as well as all the other plugins preconfigured with autoblog installer and personalized by you, take care of what we call “on-page SEO”, meaning the optimization of the different pages of the blog itself. With this, you can be assured that each one of the posts and pages of your blog is optimized.

Now comes another aspect of SEO: link building, also called off-page SEO. Again, AutoBlogBuddy has a feature that automatically bookmarks each post of your blog. So when an article is posted, the article can come from amazon, ebay etc, autoblogbuddy will automatically bookmark the post to 15 different websites, like digg, delicious etc. And by having the pro version you can bookmark to hundreds of different places at once if you’d like.

Of course, more efforts are required than just social bookmarking. In fact module 6 of the blog blueprint system is all about advanced traffic strategies that will get your site ranked #1. For some of my sites, I get ranked #1 in 2 weeks. For other sites, 3-4 days are enough.

Here’s the end of my blog blueprint review. The system is really amazing and not like any other autoblogging system. I hope you understand the power of this: AutoBlog Installer, AutoBlogBuddy and the on-page and off-page SEO strategies are amazing. Saves you an awful lot of time. Plus, you get professional-looking themes from the company behind Frugal. Your blog will look good and google will love it.

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