Top 10 Sayings Of Web Designers Posing As SEO Experts

Finding a good company to create an online presence that you are satisfied with can be an arduous task for many business owners. Most people know they want a professional looking site but don’t know what to look for in order to make sure that you are reaching your target audience.

Unfortunately with the popularity of the internet and potential to make money online came many web design companies who incorporated search engine optimization into their services without really knowing what they were doing. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a complicated and lengthy process. It takes time to build your company’s trust and legitimacy online. However, in a society that demands quick results, all to often web companies have given into the temptation to promise more than they can deliver thus making it difficult to trust anybody when it comes to fair market value for your website needs.

Before I realized what was really going on, I had the misfortune of working for one of these companies, which led me to write this article and try to help other businesses and people in a similar situation.

The problem is most of these companies have read enough about search engine optimization so they can sound good, but they either don’t know enough about SEO to implement it correctly or they are not willing to do what it takes to get the results you are expecting. They will say anything to get your business and it will all sound good, if you don’t know what to look for.

You want somebody who will be reasonable and also realistic. So when these companies start to get overzealous and greedy, that’s usually a good sign they are just trying to get your money. Below is a list of inaccurate/misguided sayings web design companies posing as SEO experts will say while pitching their product:

  1. “If nobody can find your website it’s useless.”- First of all this statement is just not true. A website can be a great reference point for any existing customers and business contacts and as long as you let them know the name of your website, they will be able to find it. A website can also help you sell products, take payments, create an image, connect socially with your audience and much more that provides value to your company.
  2. “Your current website is like a billboard in the middle of forest.”- This is usually overcompensation to make you feel like you need to do something more. Every market is different but the more specific you can get the better. There are many ways to get visibility online, so make sure to shop around.
  3. “We don’t want to put too much information on your site because then it may be considered spam.”- There are free tools that you can use to look up what’s called your keyword density. The accepted standard is about 10-20% of your content be keyword rich. If it’s more than 20% than it may be considered spam but don’t let somebody con you into thinking more is less in terms of content. It is widely regarded that “content is king” nowadays and the only reason somebody would say otherwise is because they just don’t want to do the work. A good company will know the standards and stay on the slightly aggressive side of this ratio to help you rank better.
  4. “Nobody uses the phonebook anymore.”- This is another statement that should throw up a red flag. The phonebook comes into play more for companies focusing on a local market, but this just isn’t true either. Yes, more people are going online to get their information nowadays, but that doesn’t mean nobody uses the phonebook anymore.
  5. “I did a search for your company online and couldn’t find you.”- They didn’t do a search for you and even if they did there are many different search words and phrases that might be relevant to your business that they are not aware of.
  6. “Every day millions of people are doing searches online, can they find you.” This is true, however exaggerated, especially when it comes to small business. It gives the impression that millions of people are doing searches relevant to your business. In reality it’s more like hundreds and remember it’s more about the quality of the traffic you are getting as opposed to the quantity. If you only get two visits to your website, but both of them are legitimate buyers, that is much better than a hundred visitors who are not really interested in what you’re offering.
  7. “We do such a good job of getting you ranked that you don’t need to bother with PPC.”- Most likely they just don’t want to bother with having to manage your adwords account. You will almost always need a couple weeks and usually a couple months to get ranked for your keywords, so looking into PPC in the meantime is not a bad idea at all. It can help drive traffic in the early stages of your web launch and help get you ranked earlier.
  8. “We do link-building by placing links to other websites on yours”- Link building is a very important aspect of search engine optimization. When somebody says they will place links on your site to others that is called an outbound link because it goes from your website outward. Good link building consists of several high quality in-bound links from other websites to yours in order to drive traffic and build legitimacy.

Think of what big cities look like on a road map; the bigger cities have more roads leading to them and this is they same way search engines look at sites in your industry. Whoever has more relevant links usually has a better website. So don’t let them fool you, be sure to ask how many in-bound links you will be receiving from your web provider.

Here are couple things to look for after the launch of your website. If you’ve already made a decision and are skeptical that your current provider might be one of these companies, check to see if they say anything along these lines:

  1. “Oh, you probably didn’t tell enough people about your website.”- This is what they say when you ask them why you haven’t seen any more calls or business from the web. The classic “blame game”. If they really cared about your website’s success they would help you get links and drive traffic, not just design a nice looking site.
  2. “Social Media isn’t relevant for your business.”- I would highly recommend that you ask your web provider about social media like Twitter and Facebook and I would highly recommend reconsidering your SEO relationship if your company tells you that it’s not relevant for your business. Social media is the future of online marketing and will play a big role in search engine rankings in the future. If a web design company tells you this, in my opinion it is indicative of a company that would rather spend more time making excuses for why not to do more instead of taking the time to ensure that their clients are represented in all phases of creating a professional online presence.

SEO Web Design Company in Tulsa, OK

Search engine optimization or SEO is a must for your website if you want a higher search engine ranking which ensures more visitors and better profits. If you are in Tulsa, then an SEO web design company in Tulsa, OK would be just what you need to take care of your web design as per SEO norms.

Web Design Companies Enhance Your Online Presence

The SEO web design companies work for individuals, groups, businesses and even the government. A well designed, well thought out and well marketed website requires careful planning and is best done by professionals. Most professional web design companies offer:

  • Custom web design
  • Template design
  • Web 2.0 based design
  • Website redesign
  • Corporate and industry web design
  • Cross browser compatible design
  • User friendly websites
  • Competitive prices

Web Design with SEO Perspective

This is a combination that is required for successful optimization and enhancement of websites but is quite difficult to integrate. The conflicts between design, content and the programming with the optimization techniques puts up a complicated job. The web designer allocates space keeping all aspects in mind. This requires close communication with the SEO specialist to enable a smooth transition from a simple web development to an SEO web design. Some companies design and develop the website and then hire the services of a SEO firm but this process doesn’t seem to be successful as it requires plenty of redoing and redesigning. The best way would be to design and develop the website with SEO incorporated from the time of inception.

An SEO web design company in Tulsa, OK would design the website with SEO incorporated for a better finish or even redesign the website if required, incorporating a range of search engine optimization techniques.

Handling Baidu Search Engine Optimization Correctly

When you invest your money into Baidu search engine optimization there are returns that you expect. It is only possible if you handle the campaign correctly or have a professional and reliable provider doing it for you. As opposed to a search engine like Google, Baidu does not have an English interface, all content is in Chinese and therefore it becomes all the more crucial for you to pay attention to the details and handle things carefully.

Before doing anything else you have to concentrate on the website translation. Baidu is a Chinese search engine hence it ranks sites based on Chinese keywords. For this very reason you need to have SEO content written for your website. If you have an existing website in English you can ask a professional company to translate it for you. At the same time you have to be sure that the company is able to deliver content that is not only good to read but also attracts the search engines. There are Chinese keywords that have to be identified and included in the right amount density.

Now, in order to identify the keywords, some research is essential. You cannot afford blind translation and consider that if the English keyword works well its Chinese variant will give the same result. There are certain norms or terms in the Chinese language that you have to understand and take notice of. With the selection done in the right way, you’ll be sure that your efforts in optimizing the site will not be wasted. You surely do not want to spend your efforts on keywords that might not get traffic to your site. Even if you are on the top page for a keyword that is not being searched, it is of no use.

Another factor about Baidu search engine optimization that you have to understand is the basis of ranking the sites on this search engine. While you might try to get a few quality links from relevant sites, it might not be the best idea for Baidu SEO. You need to take into account that in order to get your site higher on Baidu you need to increase the quantity of links. The higher the number of incoming links to your site, the better it is.

As mentioned above, there are quite a good number of factors that you have to consider while opting for Baidu search engine optimization. If you can get a good Baidu SEO provider you can be sure that your job will be easy.

Importance of Link Building in SEO

Search engine optimization has become vital today if you wish your website to show up for search results. While the technique of using unique, keyword-rich content can place your website on top positions for specific searches, there are other factors that aid in ranking of your websites in the search engines. The value of your website is determined by the number of inbound links that point toward your website. It you are able to get more backlinks to your website, then you are really increasing the importance of your website in the internet. The higher the value of your website in the internet, the greater the chances of being found for keyword searches will be. It is said that backlinks to your websites are similar to votes; however, different backlinks from various websites have different values. A backlink from a PR 0 website is valued much less than that of backlink from PR 9. Similarly, links that point toward your website from authority websites have a greater value than those from ordinary websites and blogs. Even the position of links in a website and the anchor texts used will have an effect on the link value on your website.

There are many ways to obtain backlinks for your website. Common techniques followed by link building company include directory submissions, where your website will be placed in relevant directories with a backlink to your site; article submissions, where articles with backlinks from the content or at the author bio space will be placed in article directories; social book markings where your links will be placed in social networking sites; link exchange in which you will obtain backlinks by placing the a link for the donor website in yours; or purchase links from websites that sell backlinks.

Mixed reactions pop up among web masters when it comes to the topic of link trading. Although buying and selling backlinks is viewed seriously by search engines, it is often overlooked by search engines, when the link looks natural from a site that has relevant content. While you might get caught if you purchase links yourself, an experienced link building company will have discreet means to obtain paid links on your behalf and improve your website’s SERP as well as your page rank without your site being penalized. Only other way to show up for searches is the pay per click, which is pretty costly when compared with organic SEO.

Websites for Electricians – Design and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Websites for Electricians

Electricians, like everyone else, are struggling in this economy. The electricians who make it through will be those who know how to attract new clients. Today, a Website is about the easiest and most cost effective way any electrician can drum up business.  To give your company a real edge over the hundreds of other electricians out there, your Website needs to be well designed, easy to use, and optimized so that potential clients find your site first.

You need a Website designer who knows how to create a site that will help you grow your business.  And because time is money, you need to have your Website up and running in just a few hours – not days or weeks. And most importantly, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your site.  Finding a Website designer who can deliver all of that may sound difficult and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. In a very short time, we can create an affordable Website that will grow and change as your business does.

All of our electrician’s Websites are designed to make your life easier.  With just a click of your mouse – no special skills required – you’ll be able to change the look and feel of your site in minutes, or easily add content like client testimonials.   We’ve designed such a simple system even a child can do it.

Our electrician’s Websites are designed to help you excel in customer service. They feature an exclusive system which immediately sends an SMS text message straight to your cell phone whenever a prospect fills out a “Contact Us” page.  This one-of-a-kind feature allows you to touch base with new clients almost immediately, before your competition has a chance to do the same.  Prospective customers are sure to be impressed with that kind of response!

After your Website is up and running, we can help you maximize its potential. You want your Website to be among the top ten potential clients see when they search Google, Bing or Yahoo for an electrician in your area.  Our knowledge of all the major search engines and how they work can make that happen.  In addition to being experts at search engine marketing, our web pros are experienced with email blasts, social networking and other strategies that will help you achieve the most from your site.  Best of all, we can do all of this for mere pennies a day.

If you’re serious about growing your business, and you don’t have a Website, you really can’t afford to wait any longer.  If you want to learn more about web strategies that will help your electrician business thrive in the Internet age, check out this Website:

Houston SEO Firms Optimize SEO Clinics for Houston Websites

SEO Optimization has become a very popular term for Houston marketing managers and marketing directors. Houston executives are no longer advertising as much with direct mail, cold calling, and the phone book. Mostly due to the lack of leads that have been coming from those marketing channels and pieces.

To grab more leads, folks have allocated marketing funds over to SEO optimization firms that perform customized SEO services for website rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the new strategy Internet marketing firms are using to doInternet Surgery on a business website’s with out-of-shape ranking. Business Oceans SEO is a good example of a Houston SEO Firm with skilled web surgeons.

It’s just like the skinny kid in gym class we knew in middle school. He just could not compete on any physical level. Once that kid got some help from his older cousin from Houston, Texas, he was on fire. He just needed the power boost from someone’s experience and expertise.

That’s the simple thing about good SEO Optimization firms. They can go in, diagnose, and operate on the web code with precision. Business Oceans™ is one of those firms. There are many other SEO firms: Rank Hierachy, A-1 Marketing, Infinity Brands come to mind as well. Some are very basic for do-it-yourself SEO optimizers. Some are so expensive, only Best Buy can afford them. There are literally hundreds of SEO firms.

After doing an analysis of SEO work that Business Oceans™ does, it’s evident they do have some skill in the art of SEO optimization for keywords. Many of their web clients rank in the top 10 results on Google, Yahoo and Bing, with a number of keywords in the top 3 ranks. That’s good for business.

Since a customer in Houston is going to type in “Houston…Keyword”, any Houston business who wants that lead, needs their website to be showing up on the 1st page of web searches.

There are two ways to do that. Either with organic SEO optimization or pay-per-click advertising, which has a few options. For most folks who do Internet marketing, it can give a good ROI and lead generation, if they can afford the $500-$5,000 monthly fees. That’s the range for regional ranking SEO campaign work.

The major cost is just like surgery. The more complex and invasive the firm needs to be, the more you’ll pay. Either way, there will paying involved.

Newbies to SEO Optimization sometimes think they can barter a one-time fee of $500 max and they will soon be shooting past their Houston web competitors on Google with hundreds of new monthly leads. Let me save you some disappointment, it does not work that way.

The Internet is full of wackos and scams, but you can be assured a professional Houston SEO firm that has been in business a while with good references will be worth every penny.

Would you do heart surgery on yourself? Would you pay a cheap surgeon $500? I wouldn’t either. Too messy. You usually do get what you pay for. That’s why a KIA is cheap, because it’s a lower-end product. No offense to KIA. I’m sure many financially frugal folks appreciate the low cost transportation.

The difference between pay-per-click advertising  and ‘organic’  SEO is that natural SEO takes longer, but can have better long-term results. Pay-per-click advertising is usually more expensive, but can create almost instant web traffic to a website.  I’d suggest using Google AdWords since they get over 60% of the search engine market share.

That’s 3 out of 5 customers a website’s link can be in front of when there are searches for “Houston Plumber” 1,000 times per month or “Houston Private Investigator” 720 times a month.

Those are actual, search statistics by the way. How much is worth for say 10% of those 1,000 customers? Even if a website can get 5%, that is 50 conversions in to revenue. Average plumbing job is $100. Ha! I’m laughing to. That was a joke. A one-hundred dollar plumber visit, that’s funny. Okay, let’s get a real figure.

Multiply 50 customers times $200 each. That equals $10,000. Go ahead and use $4,000 as the profit margin.

I think it’s easy to justify spending $2,000 a month on SEO Optimizatoin when you get $4,000 in new revenue. Plus, once a website is ranking high, most SEO monitoring and SEO maintenance is only $200-$1,000 a month depending on the complexity and competitiveness of the client’s keywords.

That’s why SEO Optimization and Pay-per-Click Advertising are the new frontier in marketing services.

If you know about SEO, then finding a good ‘web surgeon‘ just got a little easier. If you know very little, Business Oceans™ may be a good place to start as they tend to service small to medium website budgets.

What’s SEO Motivation for Beginners?

SEPOV is an acronym for “Search Engine Point of View”; it is usually used in the context of search engine optimization (SEO) discussions. If you really want to approach SEO with confidence, you need to learn to look at your web site from the search engine spider’s perspective and consider its motivation (if you’ll forgive a little anthropomorphism).

Fortunately, search engine spiders are actually rather simple creatures.

“What’s My Motivation?”

There is, in fact, one simple, central, and obvious search engine truth from which everything else is derived: A search engine’s popularity is directly related to the quality of its results.

Never forget this truth. Do not minimize its importance or allow yourself to think of it as simplistic. There is much hand-wringing and money-spending by those who try to predict what Google is going to do next. The simple fact is that all the search engines will do what they’ve always done and always will do, namely try to improve the quality of their results.

Google rose to prominence because its results were the best. Their primary user interface was (and remains) ridiculously simple. Their results were just better than everyone else’s. And they still are-although Yahoo and Microsoft are gradually closing the technical gap.

The search engine spider’s motivation is therefore that of its creators: Find valuable, easily categorical information so that the rest of the search engine software can match it to search queries and thereby provide good results.

All of the major search engines apply advanced contextual analysis to return links to pages that have the greatest amount of high quality information about specific search terms. Think about that statement again for a moment, “…return links to pages that have the greatest amount of high quality information about specific search terms.”

There are profound implications to that simple statement that the vast majority of web site designers just flat-out miss.

“Go Deep”

For a given web page, depth is more important than breadth. A lot of information about one subject is far, far better than a little information about a lot of subjects. When the Google spider is examining one of your web pages, you have to convince it of two things:

1. your page has a lot of information about the search terms. That is, it is relevant to the search query.

2. Your page has good information about the search terms (do you have high quality or authoritativeness)

of those sites that are relevant and authoritative, Google makes one last value judgment: Freshness. The site with the most recently updated content wins.

“Playing Favorites”

Research has also proven that search engines in general and Google in particular tend to favor web sites that have one or more keywords in their URL.
If your web site has the keyword in the URL, it also implies that depth is more important than breadth for an entire web site, too, since you’d want all the pages on the site to be highly relevant to the keywords in the title.

In other words, in my opinion, it is better to have several sites, each of which is focused on a narrowly defined subject matter than one site that has a shot-gun approach to many subjects.

And a word from the “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” department: Unfortunately, chopping up portals into individual sites that each tackle a tiny subset of a larger subject is at odds with how people want to actually use a portal. But there is a way… And we’ll talk about it in part two.

Coming up in the next installment: Spiders are more human than you think!
SEPOV is the “search engine’s point of view”. It is vital to be able to analyze our own web sites and pages from the search engine spider’s perspective.

Search Engine Marketing – Ethical Way To Keep Your Company Near The Top Of Search Engine

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) mostly involves techniques to promote online businesses in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and the others to improve conversion and increase ROI. Commonly used tool of SEM are Search Engine Optimization, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Network Marketing and Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising. All these tools are highly result specific. They can bring in targeted traffic to your website in a very short duration of time. Most importantly the costs of all these SEM techniques are highly reasonable, so you need not have to spend much from your business budget.

However, to take the maximum benefit of all the above SEM techniques it is better that you hire the services of professional SEO Company. Most of the SEO experts of these companies are well acquainted with both On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization techniques required for ethical Search Engine Optimization. They initially analyzing your niche market and then create appropriate keywords to target higher rank in different search engines.

SEO professionals generate relevant high quality content with these keywords and then place them on your websites optimally. In addition to this they also link your website content with contents of other websites. This process is known as link building and it is an important factor when it comes to improve the web page ranking. The more number of back links your website has from other quality web content, the higher your website will be ranked in search results. Professionals frequently add new content to your website as most search engines give preference to those websites that have new content in them.

CSS code validation, checking broken links, HTML Tag Optimization (Title tag, Meta keyword tag, Meta description tag, Header tags), image (alt) tag optimization, linking text to your anchor tags are some of the other ethical SEM/SEO practices that a SEO expert follow to make crawling of your webpage easy. Apart from these, they also create social networks to engage your audience with latest updates of your business.

So if you want to push your business product or services to global customers, Search Engine Marketing is best for you. You can easily gain advantage over your competitors by simply investing in one of the ethical SEO companies which will help you in converting visitors into customers within your limited budget.

Surefire Search Engine Optimization Tips for Beginners

When building a web site you need to fist have solid search engine optimization structure. You also need to create a lot of unique content talking about your main keywords of focus.  This will help to increase website traffic.

Your structure should include keywords in your Title, Meta Tags and Page content. However don’t use your keywords too much because you will be docked by the search engines for keyword abuse. 

I also recommend creating a blog and getting the word out there about your blog. This will help you dramatically to increase backlinks to your site which ultimately improve your search rankings.

Next, you must focus hard on obtaining links to your web site. You can create pages on popular sites such as Squidoo, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, MyBlogLog, Blogger, and others. Once you create content on these web sites make a link to your actual main website. This will tell the search engines that you are legitimate and that you offer quality services.

If you don’t have time to do these sort of these things on your own, hire an expert! There are many marketing providers such as SEO consultants and SEO experts. These are people who can help work on your web site and teach you what you need to know about search engine optimization. You will notice that the services they offer usually come in two different forms. Make sure to interview them with a fine-tooth comb and ask for their portfolio.  SEO Consultants are great to help with your online marketing when you are first building your website on the Internet. Either way, they are just giving you the knowledge that you need to set up your own website.

Most of the time, when you find SEO experts that are willing to offer you paid advice, and after talking to them you will notice that you should hire them to do everything. You give them the information about your site, and they set it up in a way that is very appealing to search engines. They should also develop a strong link building campaign for your web site.

If you give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day and f you teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a life time. Pretty much, that means the SEO consultants are teaching you how to do search engine optimization and helping you. So you get the best of both worlds.

Emt Marketing Efficient Marketing Tips

Search engine optimization can be difficult and confusing. Knowing this we decided to put together
some tips to help you:

Your ultimate strategy
Did you know that, after investing thousands, sometimes hundred of thousands of dollars developing a Web site, businesses often discover that the site is invisible in the major search properties. Failing to take your Web site’s search engine and directory visibility into consideration when making site development decisions is an untimely and very expensive mistake.

Watch the anchor text. Don’t overdo the anchor text. You don’t want all your inbound links looking the same, because that looks like automation – something Google frowns upon. Use your URL sometimes, your company name other times, “Gumbo Pudding Pop” occasionally, “Get gumbo pudding pops” as well, “Gumbo-flavored pudding pops” some other times, etc.

Google updates their index data — including backlines and PageRank all the time. However, they export and publish new backlines and PageRank data approximately every three months. New backlines and PageRank are meaningless — it is not an update

Write 10 articles and submit 5 of these articles to the top 10 article directories online, based on their pagerank number.
Search engines weigh headers (h1, h2, h3 …) higher than other content (p, li …), so it is important that you write good titles that also contains keywords that matches the content. The best thing is to only have 1-2 h1 tags on each page, eg. the blog title and newest blog post
Knowing how many incoming links your competitors have will give you a fantastic edge. Of course, you still have to discover your competitors before you can analyze them.

Connect Your Blog to Your Site – Connect Article Page – Connect Different Rss Feeds to Your Site & Blog

Deep linking. Make sure you have links coming in to as many pages as possible.

Site map. A big site needs a site map, which should be linked to from every page on the site.

There is a lot more to search engine optimization please log to for more free Tips

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