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The constantly sought after first page of Google is somewhat like an elusive challenge for those who choose to use search engine optimization strategies as a way of making money online.

With all of the various factors that come into play when pursuing a top search engine ranking for a specific keyword, there are only a few necessary key tips you need to know to get a better ranking for your website.

The first tip is to make sure that you use your keyword in the title of your webpage to attract the attention of the search engines. This also tells the software that the search engines use, what your site is about.

Another search engine marketing tip you can benefit from is to use h1 tags or header tags as these highlight to the search engines the importance of your keyword. If the search engines recognize the emphasis you place on your keyword than you will have a better opportunity of showing up immediately in the search results.

Use keywords that are related to your content and develop content that is related to your keyword.

If you are targeting dog training collars, content that is centered around cat beds is not going to do much to boost your rankings any.

Don’t use your keywords in a way that makes your content come across as spammy. If you write a 300 word article, than it’s best to limit  the use of your keyword to two or three appearances. In addition to properly sprinkling your keyword throughout your content, it is important to remember that actual humans will be reading your material.

If your content cannot be easily digested by your audience than monetization will be nearly impossible.

Seo is a very detailed process and what we’ve discussed so far, has focused more on the onpage optimization portion of seo.

To really increase your sites positioning in the search engines, proper off page optimization can take your income to another level. The only issue with offpage optimization strategies is that depending on the technique, it can either get you banned from the search engines or eat up alot of your time.

Best Practices in SEO Copywriting

Throughout the past decade, search engine optimization (SEO) has undergone a fast-paced evolution that has lead to a number of effective methods.  One of the most effective SEO methods is SEO copywriting.  Through SEO copywriting, websites can enjoy increased page rankings, better placing in search results, and more traffic.  Ultimately, the goal of SEO copywriting is to create content that will improve the exposure of the website, entice Internet users to read the content, and to encourage readers to take action upon what they read.  Although it sounds easy enough, effective SEO copywriting can be quite tricky and difficult, on the part of both the copywriting company and the website owner.  This article will go over some of the best practices for effective SEO copywriting.

How to focus on the reader

It is important to remember that SEO copywriting is not just about the website being optimized, but it is also about the readers who are going to come across the website.  Effective copywriting is about targeting the readers, who essentially make up the potential market.  With this in mind, one of the primary goals is to create content that is useful to the reader.  In other words, the content should be relevant and valuable, answering questions and providing useful information that the reader wants to know.  Here are some tips for creating content that is focused on the reader:
–  Make use of a theme and tone that suits the reader’s interests.
–  Avoid repeating the keyword to the point that the content is unpleasant to read.
–  Make it easy to find information in the article by using subheadings, bullet points, and linking strategies.
–  Articles should neither be too long nor too short.
–  Articles should have an interesting introduction, informative body, and strong conclusion.

How to generate web copies in line with business goals

Another good practice for creating effective SEO content is to keep business goals in mind.  For example, some companies may want sell-copy material, while others just want informative content.  It would be virtually useless to the business to create copywrite material that is not in line with business goals.  Before making the content, it’s important to know what the company is using the content for, how the content will be used, and what the goals of the company are.  In most cases, companies engage in SEO copywriting for marketing and advertising purposes.  It’s important for SEO copywriters to keep these goals in mind, so they can match the content to the business goals.

How to find a WIN-WIN scenario between business goals and reader benefits

The best type of SEO copywriting material is content that benefits both the business and the reader.  It can be difficult to find a balance and create a win-win situation for the company and the reader, but with proper practice and training, it can be done.  At the heart of the content should be the business goals, but the content should still be written in an interesting and informative manner to benefit the readers as well.  Remember that, in the end, keeping the reader’s interest and enticing the reader to take action on the copywrite material are both part of the business goals, so the reader should still be top priority when it comes to SEO copywriting.

How to Optimize Facebook in Five Easy Ways

Internet marketeering is undergoing a fundamental shift in how sites are ranked.  A marked shift of the dominant social networking and media sites is now enhancing countless marketers online activity and therefore optimization.  These five points underscore the role that Facbook play in search engine optimization.

1. Remember that it’s not only wider (non-friends) Facebook search that matters. Your friends, friends of friends, networks and networks of friends are likely to trust you a bit more since you’re “local.”  It’s fascinating to extrapolate the implications of a “trusted local personal search network.” As a user or searcher, be aware of how Facebook search privacy settings function.

2. Search engines continue to encompass users profiles as well as groups, pages and applications.  Remember that groups have members and pages have fans, however, are easy to establish with relevant content posted in the form of bio information or wall posts.  Choose this text carefully as keywords will be picked up for ranking.

3. Seek advice from other tools Facebook gives us regarding users common social graphs. Good examples of these are Lexicon and the paid search platform, which offers a fresh insight into what’s hot.  Knowing this is crucial as the major search engines seek out new content in social networking platforms.

4. Contribute continually.  A good portion of the physical search results are comprised of social graph points generated within the last 30 days.  This is why smaller on-going content creation through feeds and updates can often trump a larger but infrequent style of content updating.

5. In addition to wall posts, participate in updating status feeds, notes, and links.  The latter two of these are seldom utilized however can be effectively when factoring the necessary time to complete.  Notes are often in the form of small blog posts and links can include your youtube videos, affiliate offers or press releases.  These areas are simple and fast to update.

Follow the timeless axiom of social media participation: give more than you take by contributing unselfish and recurrent content.  Following this theme and the five keys listed above will provide a good first step in your Facebook optimization.

Some Basic Concepts of SEO

As the Internet is so accessible and becoming easier to operate by even the beginners, web designers are often tempted and encouraged to do their SEO by themselves and this leads to a lot of failure. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very complicated venture. Even though the basic tools of it are fairly simple, the rules are not. The system of SEO is continuously changing because the search engines are always working to develop better and more accurate ways of judging websites based on their content and relevance. Only few amateurs have the time to keep up with the evolution of SEO regulations in order to get the most out of their efforts. In fact, their lack of knowledge often leads to the opposite effect and leads to a de-indexed site. Here are some basic concepts of SEO.


Effective use of targeted keywords in the content of a website or related articles is the most effective method of SEO today. The biggest mistake people make when employing these words is not choosing the correct set of targeted words or phrases.

Choosing the wrong keyword in optimising the website is the worst mistake you can make. The keywords that you target are what guide visitors to your site. Visitors that come to your site expecting one thing and finding another are counterproductive to your SEO efforts because you won’t make any sales, and they will begin a negative word of mouth campaign.

There is a fine line between effective density of keyword usage and overuse. The commonly agreed upon effective keyword density is about 5% per page. Some search engines permit a heavier density without penalty but Google is hard on offensive methods and will target a site that appears to be trying to manipulate their spiders.

Get your keyword in your title and all search engines take content and relevance into account when they are judging a website and your title should accurately match the content on the page. Using a keyword or phrase in your title goes a long way in making it match up and even makes your keywords carry more influence in the body of the text.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are factors that have been used and misused for as long as the Internet has been up and running. The combination of code and plain English often puzzles beginners in web design and they end up with a useless string of rubbish instead of a useful code to draw web crawlers for search engines. Always use your chosen keywords in your Meta tags and this will help to make them match your page content and gives them reliability with the search engines.

Use Press Releases

Press releases are effective tools to get the word out about your product, service, or information website. Understand the proper PR format and submit your press release to every available online and offline news source available. Always structure your press release in such a way that it provides genuinely helpful guidance so that news sources are more inclined to accept and print your submission.

Use Site Maps

Another tried and true method of SEO that has been around since the inception of the Internet are the use of site maps. These pages are easy to construct and will always guide the search engine crawlers effectively through your website and provide every chance for each page to be categorized on the search engine result pages.

Importance of Keywords in SEO Article Writing

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique that boosts the page ranking of websites in major search engines. There are two important ways through which complete optimization of the site is achieved which are on-page optimization and off-page optimization. While on-page optimization deals with making the site friendlier to search engine crawlers, the promotion of site through article publishing to popular sites, link building, and social media marketing comes under off-page optimization.

SEO articles are nothing but articles written in a cohesive fashion with proper usage of keywords. Now, keywords are the choice of words or phrases that a netizen usually inserts in the text box of search engines while looking for some information or services regarding any particular item. For example, suppose a user wishes to purchase a mobile through online mobile store or he/she is just interested in knowing about the specific set. In order to be led to any website he/she feeds combination of words like “cheap mobile phones”, “latest mobile phones”, ” nokia 6300″, “Samsung E1120” etc. These are called keywords and SEO article writinguses the combination of these to write a well knit and germane article.

It usually happens that while posting these articles redirection links are embedded in the keywords so that when the user clicks he/she is led to the respective websites. seo article writingalso concerns the repetition of the particular keyword a fixed number of times which is called as keyword density or KWD and it varies from 1% to 4-5% as required by the SEO professionals. However, excessive usage of keywords may backfire as search engine crawlers can grow suspicious and above all, the readers will not feel the article worth reading or recommending.

seo article writingneeds some experience because you have to present a relevant content and also make it sure that the writing includes the keywords at regular intervals and in such a way that reader should not get any hint that the keyword has been un-necessarily stuffed.

The Most Popular Topic Of The Internet World

The most spoken phrase in the internet world nowadays is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO is the backbone of a website, if the owner of the website has got an aim of getting a good online business from his website. Without optimization of the website it is impossible for the website owner to have a good online business. However, it is really unfortunate that many people are still unaware of the utilities of search engine optimization. And the result of this is failure in the online business that the person had desired for. If a person is willing to publish a website to promote his business all over the world, then he must hire a search engine optimization company to take care of the total promotion part.

Indian search engine optimization companies have emerged to be great importance all over the world since the last few years. The services provided by these Indian SEO companies are very effective and most website owners get extraordinary results after getting their website optimized by them. Moreover, the Indian SEO companies provide their extraordinary services at much lower rates than that of other countries. Let us discuss in brief about the importance of the SEO services. When any website is published in the internet, it lies deep beneath the load of thousands of other websites in the search engines. Its only way to rise up the rank is to get optimized by a search engine optimization company. In other words we can say that a SEO company acts as a ladder or support for a website, holding on to which a website rises. If any website does not take this support, it can never rise up the rank.

However, a tough competition exists among the websites to get the most superior rank in the search engines like Google, Yahoo! or MSN. Most websites of the reputed companies are optimized by experienced SEO experts. Outracing all these websites often proves to be difficult for the newly published websites. But, it can be done; once you publish a website, hand it over to any such well known search engine optimization company. The SEO expert of that SEO service will take all responsibilities and optimize the website up to the mark. Proper optimization of a website takes quite a long time, near about 3-4 months, after which the results can be observed. The main reason behind hiring a SEO company for optimizing a website is to get good quality website traffic. But, the SEO companies cannot increase the website traffic directly. All they can do is make the website noticeable to users all over the world by helping it get a superior rank in the search engines. Once a website gets noticeable in the search engines, more and more people will log on to it, hence increasing the sale of the website.

Search engine optimization is the most discussed topic in the internet world and this is what it deserves. Just some months of their useful work can make a person millionaire.

SEO and Sem Shortcuts, Spying and Stats to Dominate Google!

SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are an online business owner’s best friend. With Google celebrating its 12th birthday and twice as many people online as there were just five years ago, there has never been a better time to make search engines work for you. That said; let’s see how you can absolutely dominate Google!

This article has three parts; Stats, Spying and Shortcuts. Each section and tip can be used alone or used together for faster results. The following information is what the SEO and SEM experts know and gives you the inside scoop on the tools they use.

Part 1; Search Engine Stats: This will give you the latest intel on search engines. This is to help you make informed decisions on how to spend your SEO time and where to spend your SEM money (search engine marketing, which includes pay per click advertising.)

A.) Google gets nearly half of all US searches performed on the Internet so you can bet that’s at the top of our SEO to do list. Here are the exact numbers as provided by the “comScore for” survey:

42.7% Google 28.0% Yahoo! 13.2% MSN 7.60% AOL 5.90% ASK 2.60% All Others Combined

B.) Now that we know how much the search engines are used let’s get some inside information to help us plan SEO and SEM strategies. According to the UK based company, users of Google versus those of MSN are just about polar opposites when it comes to natural versus paid search listings. Here’s what their research found:

Google: 72.3% of searchers prefer clicking on the natural listings that SEO helps you get. Only 27.7% prefer using the paid links you might use as part of your SEM plan.

MSN: Only 28.8% of searchers go for the natural listings while 71.2% rely on paid links. This is almost the exact opposite of how Google users work.

That is amazing information to have! You know right away that your time and effort is better spent on SEO for Google while putting your pay per click dollars into MSN is probably your best bet.

C.) Now for the biggie; return on investment (ROI.) Once again our friends at Neutralize have some great information. The following numbers show the approximate ROI that Website owners got using SEO and SEM (specifically pay per click.) for lead generation and actual sales…

Lead Generation: * 79% SEO * 75% Paid Search (SEM)

Actual Sales: * 78% SEO * 63% Paid Search (SEM)

These are huge returns on investment. In comparison, banners only account for about one third as many leads and sales.

Part 2; Spying: This will show you where and how to get the very best inside info on what all your competitors are doing and how to beat them. It’s like being handed a copy of your competitions’ online business plans. Just go to “” and take a look at some of the free information they offer. Better yet, check out to see everything you can get, free and paid. I’m a big believer in spending wisely so for most people I would recommend just spending the $6 for a 3 day full access package instead of paying for a regular subscription.

Here’s a blurb from the site that tells what SpyFu offers…”Want to know which of your competitors has the largest ad budget, or which term gets the most clicks per day? Use SpyFu’s Advanced Search to find out. Advanced Search allows one to search by all the metrics provided on the site and allows you to focus on the data that’s most important to you. What’s more, you can save your Advanced Search results to Excel with the click of a button.”

Part 3; SEO and SEM Shortcuts: “Shortcuts” does NOT mean cutting corners. Our “shortcuts” are based on finding how the professionals do it and following in their footsteps. When it comes to SEO and SEM, the best shortcuts to success involve finding the best performing and least expensive software that provides the quickest return on investment.

A.) The best SEM shortcut I know is using software to find your top keywords and otherwise help manage your pay per click campaign. Two of the most popular and widely used tools are and Keyword Elite.

With you pay a recurring subscription fee of $59 per month or $329 per year. I used this for a while then bought Keyword Elite ( for $175 because it appeared to do more and cost less than subscribing to WordTracker. I found it to be a better deal for my needs since there are no recurring fees and lifetime free upgrades. But it’s all about personal preference. Both products are fantastic!

B.) Picking the top SEO tool is a no brainer for me. I retired my other three products after working with SEO Elite ( for just a few weeks. Although I admit I was first attracted by the small price tag of $167, it wasn’t long before I tossed the more expensive tools and just used SEO Elite. Here’s what it did, right from the start…It helped me land 121 top 5 rankings on Google within three weeks; Mostly 1’s and 2’s. It also nabbed 377 great link partners in the first 2 weeks alone, which led to even more top 10 rankings on Google. This is the same company that published Keyword Elite, which also helped me make the initial decision. They’ve been a major SEO software development player for years and the lifetime of free upgrades with zero annual costs they offer is that special touch that shows they can relate to people in the world of search engine optimization.

This information can help you dominate Google, Yahoo and MSN very quickly. Enjoy!

Search Marketing 101: The Importance of Sitemaps

While there are several on-page and off-page search engine optimization techniques that play an important role in garnering higher page rank and link popularity, the importance of an often forgotten technique is usually underestimated – sitemaps. Simply put, these are a map of your website, a single page (or hierarchy of pages) that show the complete structure of your website along with the various sections, the main and secondary links and other details. A good sitemap helps visitors to your site, navigate your site easily.

Moreover, having an updated sitemap on your website helps not only your visitors, but the search engines too. Consider sitemaps to be a unique way to communicate with the search engines and telling them where you’d like them to crawl on your website.

Sitemaps and Search Engines

Sitemaps have been around for many years now and despite the fact that they are not a novelty, it’s only after the search engines adopted them that they have suddenly caught the eye of all good webmasters as part of their search engine optimization strategy. If you simply want to use sitemaps for search engine optimization purposes, then conventional HTML site maps are not for you. For example: Google Sitemaps should be written in XML, which is very different from the regular HTML site maps that are used for website visitors.

So does this mean that you need to have two sitemaps for your website? The answer is – Yes. One site map is for Googlebot or the Google spider, while the other is for your visitors. You should also be aware that having two sitemaps is not considered to be duplicate content and this has been made explicitly clear by Google, as it has stated that having two site maps will not lead to any penalty for your website.

In November 2006, the top three search engines (Google, Yahoo! and MSN) came together to create an industry standard for site maps for all websites. This standard was named ‘sitemaps 0.90.’ For all those webmasters who wish to get their sites indexed by these top search engines, following the protocols laid down in sitemaps 0.90 is a prerequisite.

Generating and Submitting Sitemaps To Search Engines

Once you have your website ready with your XML site map, you need to upload your website to your server and then notify Google, through Webmaster Tools, where your sitemap lives . Typically, there are two ways of generating a site map.

1. You can install a sitemap generator script on your website.

2. You can use an on-line sitemap generation tool to create one.

Though the first option is difficult it offers you more control over the final result. Google Sitemap Generator is a good tool that can be used for generating a site map. Since the tool is coded in Python script, you need to have Python 2.2 version on your web server to run it.

The second method of generating a site map while being easier doesn’t give you much flexibility. Google also suggests some 3rd party Sitemap tools but warns users that it has not tested or verified them. Having created a site map, it’s time to upload it to your website and let Google, Yahoo and MSN know about it.

How do I Evaluate Search Engine Optimization Specialists?

The importance and utility of getting a web site, especially a professional net web site, search engine optimized can not be stated any additional convincingly. It’s currently an established norm to induce any website search engine optimized to induce top search engine rankings and hence beat the competition by rising up within the search results. Now, the large question is how to urge a website search engine optimized. Several aspects need to be thought-about before the method is even started. What ought to be the SEO strategy, how abundant effort and resources need to be invested in SEO and who can do the SEO are a number of the foremost crucial queries to be answered before SEO process. If you are looking to rent an skilled, choosing a capable and performing SEO specialist can be a vital decision to make. Crucial not solely as a result of you would need to hire the simplest potential professional allowed by your budget, but conjointly as a result of judging how sensible an skilled is can be very troublesome in the sphere of SEO.

Any SEO effort doesn’t have a terribly easy output and results. Moreover, the benchmarks for assessing the results of SEO will be thus a lot of varying and indecisive; one will have a very onerous time running once them. In all different sort of professional works such as net coming up with and content creation, any website owner will easily decide how much and how well the work has been done by any expert. This could easily be done by just wanting at the work and comparing it with simply obtainable guidelines, benchmarks, expectations, and demand of the work. But, similar rules cannot be applied to any work done toward search engine optimization. The parameters for comparing or assessing the work largely come into image when the work has been implemented and used, that too over a considerable amount of time.

Some of the analysis parameters for SEO work are:

* Variety of visits to the web site
* Number of total guests
* Range of unique visitors
* Number of recent and recent guests
* Frequency of visits and guests
* Range of page views

It’s to be a mutually agreed set of parameters on which the performance of any SEO work must be judged. However, as described, these parameters come back into picture solely when the SEO work of a specialist has been established. However the queries still remains how to guage and chose between SEO specialists when you are coming up with to rent one for operating on your website.

As with any alternative skilled work, there past performance and former experience of alternative web site house owners will of best help. But, care has got to be taken in what previous work you select for evaluating the specialist. Firstly, the previous work ought to have been done a considerable period of your time ago so that there’s sufficient amount of your time to evaluate the performance. Conjointly, the previous work should be similar or in connected domain as your work that is required to be done.

How to Sabotage Your Search Engine Optimizing Efforts

Search engine optimizing is a key and ongoing strategy anybody marketing on the internet needs to adopt as part of their daily routine. Properly optimizing any sites or content will serve to increase the amount of search engine traffic you receive. This type of traffic is the very best you can have since it is targeted and also free of charge. With that said it only makes sense that you make every effort to get your fair share of this traffic. In order to do this effectively there are certain habits you need to develop and some you should avoid that will help maximize your optimization efforts.

Here are 3 search engine optimization tips to help you avoid and develop habits to help increase the flow of this targeted traffic to your online location.

Lack of Consistent Effort

Results do NOT come over night! SEO is more a process of tweaking and results will gradually reveal themselves but this all takes continuous and consistent effort. Much like pushing a boulder up a hill you can NOT take a break mid-way through the process or all your progress will come undone.

Effort and attention must be paid to every little detail concerning the content you produce for distribution or to place on one of your sites. Whether you have a blog or website or both you will want to develop links, optimize pages with keywords and so forth. There is much to SEO and it is beyond the scope or intention of what you are reading here today.

Apply Different Strategies

Utilize different strategies such as article submissions, forum participation, linking strategies and even blogging. Once again as mentioned above these strategies are NOT something you can do one time and than forget about. Every blog has new posts added to it that need to be optimized; every article submitted must use the correct keywords as well. Even link building will take a long time to develop and you will never be completely finished with this task. It is important however to use as many strategies as possible to capture as much search engine traffic as you can. Quite simply the more strategies the more traffic!

Know What Keywords to Target

Know what the best keywords you need to use are for your sites or content. It can be said it all starts with your keyword selection therefore you must devote time to doing the proper keyword research. The wrong choice of keywords will only serve to make all your optimizing efforts futile.

Practice patience because a successful SEO campaign will require plenty of this virtue. This is a process and not a one time event!

Search engine optimizing is a practice that needs to be conducted routinely in order to experience the best results. When you properly optimize your sites and content you increase the flow of search engine traffic to your website or blog. The importance of attracting this type of traffic can not be overstated when marketing on the internet since it is the best you can receive online. The 3 search engine optimization tips discussed above serve to help you develop the right habits so that you can receive the maximum benefits from your efforts. After all it would be a shame to miss out on your fair share of free and targeted traffic like this when it is there for your taking to begin with!