Nursing Uniforms: A Historical Evolution

Nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals give the world comfort and hope. We respect our medical professionals like we respect no one else. How many times have we heard someone say, “Doctor’s orders?” How many times have you had to provide your child’s school with a doctor’s excuse for being absent? Have you ever had to give a doctor’s note to your boss for a missed day of work? This is all evidence of how we feel about our medical professionals. We admire and respect them.

Medical professionals understand this reverence we tend to have for them, and they understand the necessity of living up to the publics high expectations. Not only is it important for nurses and doctors to be competent and caring, it is also vital they have the proper appearance. The way they appear to those who look to them for guidance, comfort, and healing is the first impression, and as we all know first impressions linger with us for a long time. If anyone looks unprofessional or out of place the first time we see him or her, it takes a long time to get over that shock.

Well, medical uniforms and nursing scrubs help take the worry out of looking one’s best while serving patients. Patients and clients have come to expect their medical professionals to dress appropriately, and that’s what scrubs are, they are the perfect attire for any medical staff person.

Medical uniforms such as doctor’s scrubs, nursing scrubs, and scrub hats all add to the confidence we feel in our medical professionals. Although many of us still envision a nurse as a woman in a button-down white uniform, and envision a doctor as a man in a button-down lab coat, scrubs that come in a variety of colors and styles and have no more buttons to worry about are replacing those traditional outfits.

Hospitals where nurses and other medical personnel are allowed to choose their own medical scrubs have an advantage. The scrubs a nurse chooses to wear can represent her personality or the ‘personality’ of her ward. For example, pediatric nurses may want to wear bright colors or crazy prints to make the kids feel more comfortable around them. Those kinds of scrubs just portray a happy feeling in addition to the professionalism necessary in a hospital or doctor’s office.

On the other hand, some nurses or doctors may wish to appear more serious, in which case they might prefer to wear more traditional solid-colored scrubs in warm or subdued hues that invite confidence and relaxation along with a sense of professionalism.

Nursing scrubs and other medical uniforms could not have been a more simpler and a easier method to purchase, either. No matter what your preference, all you need to do is surf the Internet. Type “nursing scrubs” into a search engine and you are likely to get a million results, and a good percentage of those results will be online stores that offer discounted prices on any and every kind of scrub you could imagine. You can be covered in scrubs from head to toe via scrub hats, scrub tops and scrub pants sold separately or as complete outfits. You can click on pictures to get a better look and check sizing charts to make sure you get a good fit. You can get the bottoms that are made in a similar fashion to pajama bottoms with either elastic waists or drawstrings.

Most sites also offer you various ways to search. You can choose to search by your size, or by your favorite color, or by style, or by price. No matter what your preference in medical scrubs, you can find what you want quickly and easily. Most online scrub stores also offer reasonable rates with return policies to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.

Whatever kinds of scrubs you or your staff or your supervisors prefer, you can be rest assured that you can find what you want in an online store while having the ease of purchasing sitting in the comforts of your home or office , and also the shipping procedures are quick and flexible. For example, you might use your personal credit card to pay for your scrubs, but decide to get them shipped to the office. These kinds of things are typically “No problem” for online nursing scrub providers. The scrubs of tomorrow may have even more advances in style and comfort, but today’s medical scrubs are easy to care for, comfortable, professional, and cheerful. Soon, with the ease of buying these various scrubs, we may no longer envision nurses and doctors in plain white anymore.

The Best Advertising Channel Online

organic search

Many Internet marketers spend a great deal of time searching for the most profitable Internet marketing techniques they can take advantage of. There is truly only one advertising technique that is the most profitable technique available today. This technique is known as organic search marketing. Internet marketers who create advertisements by obtaining high rankings on search engine result pages can produce a potentially limitless quantity of traffic and income from their opportunities.

If you have never heard about organic search engine results before though, you are likely curious as to what these results actually are. Every time you use a search engine, you see these results on your screen. Search engine results that are not paid for are considered to be organic search engine results.

On the opposite spectrum of search engine results, there are PPC advertisements. Pay per click advertisements are not standard search engine results, because they are placed into their positions on purpose by the advertisers and the search engine companies themselves.

If you are an advertiser hoping to obtain top listings on search engine result pages, you are essentially attempting to profit from standard search engine listings. If you do find a way to get your website listed on the top of search engine result pages, you will have an abundance of free advertisements being displayed on major search engines around the world every single day.

Obviously, there are a variety of different benefits that can be derived from organic search engine result advertisements. If an advertiser successfully places an advertisement as an organic listing on search engine result pages, they can promote their product to unlimited extent for free.

These advertisements are also incredibly effective overall, because they target users based on information they are already searching for. Targeted advertisements are proven to be much more effective than general advertisements. So, every time a web user searches for a particular keyword, and an advertiser’s link pops up as an organic result, they are attracting targeted web users to their advertisement pages.

Since these advertisements are free, and they also target web users based on the information they are looking for, many Internet advertisers feel that these advertisements are much more effective than expensive pay per click advertisements. Of course, these advertisements are much more difficult to obtain, but once an advertiser does obtain them, they can generate a very large amount of profits as a result.

Basically, if you are an Internet marketer looking for the most profitable advertising strategies you can take advantage of, organic search marketing is likely going to be your cup of tea. Organic search results receive more clicks than any other links on search engine result pages. If you can get a link placed on the top result pages for popular keywords, you can have a fairly popular advertisement hosted online for free at all times.

Do Best Background Check Online

Background check has always been linked with the super-sleuth detective who has a magnifying glass in one hand and a pipe in the other. They have usually been “cloak and dagger” institutes which seem to rely solely on people who want to keep their business in the shadows. Even So, modern background check websites now let you to search a huge number of people’s records and welcome you to do it.

The most popular background check services actually give you a user friendly and complete service, whilst keeping your personal identity hidden at all times. This not only lets you to speedily and easily find out the background details of people, but it also means that you can rest assured that your queries will not be “leaked” to anyone who you don’t want to see them.

From our experience, a site called “Public Records Pro” is the best online background check website. It not only gets the widest range of records (including birth reports, divorce reports and others), but it also does it in a simple and uncomplicated way giving people like you and me the opportunity to perform instant online background checks when ever we need to.

The reason why we feel this website is the best is simply because it allows us to quickly find out iformation for almost any Untited State citizen. This means that you can just enter the infromation into their search engine and it will then post the full background history of that individual. It’s all confidential and verified, which makes it super secure to use.

You can check our Public Records Pro review at this online background checks website.

Search Engine Functions!

Search Engine Functions!

Learning about search engines and some of their functions will play an important role to our overall online marketing success. First of all….why do we even use search engines? We will discuss this further in the article. By understanding how the search engines work and following the different engines algorithms…..we can use this information to promote our web site to top page ranks with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other fine search engines. Each site should be constructed in a way that conforms to these engine guidelines. The purpose here is….that our web site can get in front of the buying public more often.

There is a definite reason why Google has evolved into the #1 search engine in the world. Google has earned their top position in this field by providing “quality relevant search results with a simple search interface for their users”. Between Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing), they control over 90% of search engine queries. Google commands a high share of this segment in the world of search engines. Yahoo and MSN are making a strong charge to gain more of the market share of this fast growing business. I think they are doing an excellent job with the quality of their new search information.

If we understand that the principle function of the search engines are to provide this valuable information to the general public, then it becomes imperative that we create our web site with the same principle foundation….quality relevant content for our potential clients.

Since relevancy if one of the first things all search engines look for, then we need to pay close attention and follow there guidelines. We can post our site online for free because the engines make their money by showing ads. With most search engines this is their only profitable revenue. Their job is to show our ads to as many people as possible. The only way to get the largest number of people to use their particular engine is by giving them the most up to date relevant search results.

Search engines databases have an untold amount of information on any subject of interest. We could compare these engines to a huge library of information books in a large building manned by several employees and volunteers. With the internet we have that library at our finger tips all within a small area of our office or home. With a click of a mouse we can narrow our search down very quickly by using the search bar and typing in relevant keywords about our subject of interest. Immediately we have a massive amount of information available.

When we construct our web site, we have in essence written a book about our product or services for this online library. If the search engines are using relevant keywords and keyword phrases to find good content for their queries from customers, it makes a lot of sense that if we write good content in our sites the engines will bring up our web site for the potential client and point that inquiry to our site.

To get the search engine to look at your web site and position it in a favorable placement….it becomes important that we provide new relative keyword rich content to the engines in the form of blogs, forums, message boards, ezines, press releases etc. on a regular basis. This is an ongoing chore if we want to earn those “Top Positions on Google” that everyone craves but are not willing to make the commitment and sacrifices to make it all happen.

If we truly understand the concept the search engines have set up for their system to function effectively using relative keyword content then why shouldn’t we follow that same concept and feed the engines the information they are starving for. If we understand this concept and put it into our daily practice, the search engines will index our web site in the same way. Higher PageRanks will then follow in a reasonably short time.

For the search engines to return accurate search results that match to the keywords that the potential client is looking for, your web site must be structured with an informative title, a short two sentence description about your site and good keyword rich relevant content throughout the web site that is interesting enough for the potential client to make that all important decision to participate in your business opportunity.

In Summary: In order to get your web site recognized, indexed and earn a higher page rank with the engines, you need to create a quality web site with relevant keyword rich content. Just getting your site listed on the search engines isn’t enough. Your goal here is to get people to find your site on the web. Follow the process described above regarding writing and posting to all the places we suggested and your page rank will gain higher positions. Then when individuals “Google It” to get information about a particular interest relative to your keywords, your site will be in the engine database and hopefully the person will find your quality content and make a positive choice for your product or service. That’s what online marketing is all about.

If you have additional questions or need some personal mentoring, you can contact our eBiz Solutions Team at the contact information listed below. Our Team is standing by to assist you in fulfilling your individual or business future.

Let’s Build Your Business Together”

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting

The World’s Best Art Consultancy

The World’s Best Art Consultancy unveils Release III of its art tool for designers

The Future Art Consultancy
Locating and placing artwork in a design project is arguably the most difficult part of the project. While some designers take on this task themselves, many enlist the assistance of an art consultant. One limitation of this approach is the consultant’s limited universe of artists. Most art consultants end up with a few “go-to” favorites.

Imagine an art consultancy able to directly access 10,000 artists, with technology capabilities aggregating art choices in a portfolio for emailing or high-resolution printing for presentations. Add the ability to correspond with clients via e-postcard including selected images. And finish with the ability to access framing options online thus enabling the designer to actually show the customer how the pieces will look framed.

Does It Work?
Can a website help you find art? Art-Exchange ( is not a new website, not a new service, not a new company. It does, however, take a new approach to providing art to designers. And it has a new site design that Art-Exchange claims will make the service even more powerful and easier to use.
I spoke with Richard Gipe, President and CEO of Art-Exchange, to find out why he thinks his company’s service is so special. I asked him, “If you had to communicate Art-Exchange’s value to designers in a single sentence, what would you say?”
Here’s what he said: “If you want to access as much art as we have on Art-Exchange, you would have to go to 20,000 galleries, and you would have to deal with so many different sellers that the logistics would be overwhelming.” That sounds pretty good. But does the site work?

About Art-Exchange
Art-Exchange is a business service provider that specializes in solutions for the design trade. They can offer solutions to designers as an art consultancy, or they can provide solutions to art consultants to help them be more effective and efficient.
For the past five years Art-Exchange has been actively contacting artists to list their works on the exchange. Today there are approximately 100,000 different works of art created by over 10,000 different artists. Imagine searching 100,000 records to locate the perfect art solution. Nearly 60% of all the works are originals, and the remaining 40% is a variety of editions. All of these works are organized in a database, and a search engine locates works using any or all of the following criteria:

• Artist’s name
• Title
• Subject matter
• Style
• Medium
• Size
• Colors
• Price
• Orientation

Suppose you need oversized original works and price is an issue. Maybe you want only works with lighthouses. Or perhaps you need large public works. That’s how specific the search engine can be. And with the new design, if you enter several criteria and the search engine can’t find a work that matches all your criteria exactly, it will refer you to the works that match your criteria most closely, so that you don’t have to start over. As one of the new site’s designers said, “We don’t ever want to show nobody anything.”
Normally, designers hire an art consultant or visit multiple galleries or view print books to find the perfect art solution. That’s the old way of finding art. Now designers can look in one place and view tens of thousands of originals alone. This is the new way of finding art. Art-Exchange let’s designers search for all the art they need in one place. That alone has the potential to save time, but the website has some other very powerful features that give designers even more flexibility and power.

Powerful Features
One very important new feature is the Designer Portal. Art-Exchange has four different portals that members can use to enter the site. There’s one for retail clients, one for community partners, and another for artists and other sellers. But the Designer Portal is available only to designers. Once you enter the portal, you can search for the art you want, view images of the art, and immediately see designers’ wholesale pricing.
Here’s another great new feature: Portfolios. How do you keep track of the works that fit your client’s needs? You keep a portfolio. Designers can set up portfolios for individual clients, different locations, or just for future reference. It’s easy to save works to custom-made portfolios. And it’s easy to show the portfolio to clients—from anywhere in the world.
Another terrific feature is the Exhibitions section. Exhibitions include the works of around 200 artists and are compiled topically. Prior exhibitions, which are still accessible, include Realism, Landscape, Watercolor, and Impressionism. In order to have fresh ideas readily available for clients, designers need to be reviewing art all the time, and these exhibitions can help. It takes only fifteen minutes to view an entire exhibition.
Another feature that can help designers and clients work together—especially when clients have trouble describing their interests—is the Postcard feature. Clients can go to the website to browse for themselves. They can view an exhibition, browse by artist, or do a search. When they find something they like, they can send images to their designer using electronic postcards.
Soon, Art-Exchange will even offer the ability to create Custom Frames online so that clients can view the artwork in different frames and choose the one they like best.

Full-Service Art Consultancy
Art-Exchange goes far beyond just the website, however. They also provide full-service art consultancy. They have a full staff of qualified art consultants who can do as much or as little as a designer wants them to. Anything a typical art consultancy does, Art-Exchange will do. If a designer works with an art consultant already and wants to maintain that relationship, Art-Exchange will even work with his or her current art consultant.

How to Access the Features and Benefits of Art-Exchange
Go to and visit the Designer Portal. Log in as a designer and learn about how the service works. You can easily search for art, access their full-service art consultancy, or guide your favorite art consultant to Art-Exchange. A subscription is free. Art-Exchange is paid by the sellers on completed transactions; so they only get paid if they’re helping designers find the right art, for the right job, at the right price.
When asked what he would most want to communicate to designers about the company and the service it provides, Gipe said, “I want the members of ASID who place art to try the art consultancy service at Art-Exchange, and if they’ll give us 10% of their trust, we’ll earn the other 90%.” If you’re a designer or an art consultant, it’s worth trying. Does it work? Is it really whole new way of finding art? Yeah, that’s what it is. And for designers, the world of art will never be the same.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in Article Marketing!

Article marketing can promote your website and protect your website from competitors. You can strengthen your article marketing strategy by evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your article submissions.

Article marketing provides you with an opportunity to optimize your website for search engines, promote your website visibility, and keep your website strong in the face of competitors. Applying a traditional SWOT analysis to your article marketing strategy can sharpen your strategy to capitalize on opportunities that might have otherwise gone unrecognized. SWOT is the acronym for strengths, for more details visit to weaknesses, opportunities and that has been used in business development, organizational development, and competitive marketing strategies for decades. This highly acclaimed strategic method for planning can be applied to your article marketing strategy.

Your article marketing strategy should analyze the strengths of your website, your knowledge and your content. Analyzing your strengths positions you to create content that capitalizes on your greatest strengths and can keep your articles central to your primary content. Your article marketing strategy should also analyze the strengths of your competitor’s website. By researching the articles on your competitor ‘s websites and blogs, the articles submitted to article submission directories, and the topics the competitor typically writes articles on, you can plan to write your content to surpass your competitor and position yourself as the more knowledgeable author.

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the websites that you are submitting your articles to is critical to your reputation. Your article marketing strategy should specifically plan to submit articles only to quality websites. If your competitor has a relationship with a link farm, not being everywhere your competitor is will protect your website. If your competitor has neglected to post pertinent information or has posted incorrect information, capitalize on that opportunity in your article marketing strategy.

Article marketing strategies should always look for opportunity. You should be where your competitor is, (unless they are linked with the wrong crowd), and where your competitor. You should also look for opportunities to submit articles with sought-after content. Top tens, recent news, sharp or contradicting opinions, for more details to how-to has and reviews always offer opportunity to submit articles. Social book marking websites can be researched for popular topics and be made a regular part of your article marketing strategy.

Threats are an unavoidable aspect of an article marketing strategy. New competitors constantly enter the market, and ethical and unethical competition seeps through every link that is posted on the web.

Article marketing requires strategic development to optimize its success. Applying the SWOT analysis to your article marketing strategy will serve to refine your article submissions for optimal search engine positioning and website protection. Take the time to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are an intricate part of your article marketing strategy, and your marketing will surpass your competitors and reach search engine success.

9 Sure Fire Ways To Build An Optin List Fast

Building a prospect, subscriber or client list – quickly – is a rewarding experience. Since August, 2001, I’ve built lists that range from a few hundred highly targeted prospects – to lists of over 280,000 subscribers. In this article, you’ll discover the secrets I’ve used to quickly build targeted, effective lists. At the end, you’ll get a glimpse of an actual case study.

The basic principles of list building are pretty straight forward. – You need something of value to offer your prospects and give them a reason to sign up to your list. – You need to set up a form to capture your prospects contact details and connect it to your autoresponder – You need visitors to come to your website (Develop traffic)

Basic Principle 1
Starting with the first basic principle, you need something of value to offer your potential prospects.

You can offer

1. A newsletter
2. A product
3. A service
4. A special offer

Basic Principle 2
The second basic principle is setting up your lead capture form. This is the box (form) on your website that your prospects fill in with their contact details. As soon as they press the send button, your autoresponder adds them to your database and sends them your message. Presto, you’re starting to build your list.

Most autoresponders give you the HTML code for your form, so you don’t have to worry about any special programming. All you have to do is cut and paste.

The details you can comfortably collect from a prospect depends on your offer. If you’re offering an online newsletter, you only need your prospect’s first name and email address. If you’re sending them a CD by snail mail, you can collect their postal address even phone and fax numbers.

Quick Note:
You’ll increase your response rate if you include the sign up form at the top and bottom of your webpage as well as use a popup / popunder or slide in box.

Once you’ve got the ground work done, you’re ready to start driving traffic to your website.

Basic Principle 3
Building your list is like building a city. You want to get as many people into your city as possible, so you need to build roads. You need an 8 lane highway and multiple smaller roads to fill your city with people.

In list building terms, you need to focus on one main technique to pull prospects into your list. You also want to use secondary techniques to add to the momentum of your traffic. The following list gives you the exact methods I use to develop my lists. Choose one method as your main focus and use the rest as your secondary traffic sources.

1. Advertise in print
Place advertising whereever your market is. Ask yourself what you read personally, where do you get information? Your market most likely does the same as you, so get in front of them by using classified or display advertising in:

a. magazines
b. trade journals
c. newspapers
d. direct mail

2. Advertise online
This is the least costly method of advertising. You can reach a targeted audience through advertising in ezines, online newsletters or pay per click services like Google AdWords.

3. Write articles
Writing articles gives you credibility. Write articles on a regular basis and submit them to online and offline sources. You should be submitting articles to the same sources you’re advertising with as well as all other publications you can find in your market. Do a search on Google or your favourite search engine for the keyword “ezine directories” and you’ll find lists of potential places for your articles and advertising.

4. Affiliate Program
One of the fastest ways to build your list exponentially is to set up an affiliate program. Your affiliates will link to your website, which means plenty of targeted traffic. This helps your search engine rankings, which brings you more traffic, which increases the number of affiliates you get and helps you build your list at break neck speed. It’s a never-ending cycle.

5. Forums
Get involved in forums. When you post or answer a question in a forum, you’re generally allowed to have a signature file attached to your post. It’s just like the signature file in your email. Your signature file should direct people to your website where they can sign up for your list.

6. Email signature file
The same as in forums, every email you send out should have a signature file directing people to your website.

7. Joint Ventures
If you’ve got a unique, original product, a joint venture may be an option for you. Contact some entrepreneurs who have large lists and see if they’re interested in working with you.

8. Referrals
This is very powerful. Include a referral or “tell a friend” form on your website. This little form can help build your list exponentially. When someone recommends your site to a friend, that friend is most likely going to visit and possibly tell another friend. And the snowball starts rolling. Add this technique with an affiliate program and you’ll soon have a nice fat, targeted list of prospects.

9. Buy opt-in subscriptions
If you want to build a big list really fast, you can buy opt-in subscribers for as low as a penny each from These leads have raised their hand and said yes I’m interested in receiving business opportunity information. They’ve filled out a form and you can contact them with your offers.

The upside of this process is you build a big list fast.

The downside is your list will be less responsive than one you build on your own. It takes some time to cultivate a relationship with these new subscribers, but if you send them quality information, you can convert the list into an asset for your business.

The list building process is really quite simple if you look at the basics. Offer a quality product as an incentive to sign up to your list. Plug your sign up form into an autoresponder. Drive traffic to your webpage where your sign up list is located – watch your list expand and your sales grow.

Jobs in the Science Industry

Copyright (c) 2009 Ianson Internet Marketing

The science industry is an exciting sector to work in and includes jobs in chemical engineering, biomedical and biochemical as well as the computer, forensic, environmental, aerospace and behavioural sciences. The science industry incorporates the past, present and future of the scientific world. The science industry offers jobs that may begin with entry level lab technicians which is perfect for graduates. This is a good path for any entry level chemist with little or no experience to obtain the experience that promotes a budding science career. For those with experience, there are several ways to find jobs in the science industry through personnel recruiters on the internet, with personnel recruiting firms and executive search firms that promote the hire of hi-tech scientific job applicants whom they represent.

There are several reputable internet job sites that focus on a broad spectrum of jobs. For those seeking jobs in the science industry, it might be a good idea to check online job boards that work exclusively with a specific area of the science industry. These provide a better filter for the type of job for those with science careerd as well as those with entry level experience. Another way to find a career in the science industry is to use a search engine to browse for companies related to the specific type of science the job seeker is interested in pursuing. Once a list of these companies is formulated, check each of company’s website. Most of these science-oriented companies websites address hiring and job availability, as well as qualifications required. Be careful to note the person responsible for receiving resumes/CV. They may well be responsible for reviewing resumes, making recommendations to management or performing the initial interview. This is a more direct way of managing a personal job search.

Where The Jobs Are Job seekers of today need to be more flexible with the issue of job location. A willingness to relocate to an area near the prospective business is always viewed positively. To find where the jobs are, do a thorough online search for the companies that are most associated with the science industry. This will help create a “job map” that clearly indicates where the best job opportunities are located. If relocation is not an option, the job seeker must rethink the locations of more local companies and be willing to make compromises in order to result in gaining successful employment.

How To Write An Article Review – Article Titles

How to write an article review would be one hell of a big article as there are many aspects to consider. I am going to give you though  sound advice about selecting the title of your articles as this will help increase traffic and sales your article generates.  I can’t stress how important the article title is. Many novice article writers simply pluck an interesting title from the air and go with it. This is a major mistake. Unless you get very lucky your article will get a small burst of traffic when it goes live, perhaps for a few days then die a slow death and get the odd page view now and again.

Your article title must be a long tail key phrase that generates at least 20 search engine queries a day. It is possible to get your article on Goggles first page for long tail key phrase which will ensure you get a small but steady stream of traffic for many months or even years to come.

Use free online keyword tools such as Word Tracker to seek out long tail keywords. If you are promoting a product such as an eBook full of shed plans, do the following. Type “shed plans” into Word Tracker and copy each result it returns in to Google search. If you find any articles in the first 10 search results then the phrase is ideal for an article title and your main keywords.

To optimise your article title even more try and use 2 different key phrases in your article title and make sure both these key phrases are included in your article keywords.

Just thinking more about your article titles and making sure the article title can rank on Goggles first page will generate you thousands more visitors and many more sales from multiple articles over a year.

Get Your Website Into China Using Baidu

Of course you can understand the economic value of opening your business up to the Chinese market. But did you know it could be so easy?

Getting your website online in the Chinese market literally takes only a few minutes. Although Baidu does not guarantee inclusion after your submission, it is such an easy process and has worked easily in the past.

First You Need One Chinese Language Web Page

Submitting a website in the Chinese search engine Baidu requires at least one Chinese page.

The best bet is to create a new page or blog post that is a translation of your product descriptions or of the services that you offer.

How do you do this?

Go to the Google English to Chinese translation page. You can find this by replacing the ‘www’ with ‘translate’ in the Google web address. Select English to Chinese, paste in your text and hit enter.

The text is instantly translated and you have a Chinese document to work with. For a more complete submission you may want to translate into both the traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese languages.

Like your English language website you must format the document using all standard SEO practices. Include a page title, keywords and emphasize your keywords in bold or italics, and include keywords in your headings.

Do these translations with the Google translation tool. You should find that making a page in Chinese not much more difficult than an English language page.

Submitting your Website to Baidu

All you need is one single web page in each of the two Chinese languages, if you are doing both the traditional and simplified Chinese translations. The page needs to be live on your website.

Once your Chinese pages are ready and live on your website you can submit those pages to Baidu.

Go to

After the page loads, enter your URL and the “cpatcha” code to prove you are human.

This page can load slowly on occasion.

Baidu emphasizes that their search engine will automatically include websites submitted if it is in compliance with the relevant Baidu standards – but remember inclusion is not guaranteed.

That is it. The process of submitting your website to the leading Chinese search engine is as simple as that.

Chinese Searches Will Continue To Grow

After looking at just how simple registering your website with the leading Chinese directory was, let’s look at the sheer economic value this small procedure could have on your business:

  • China is the world’s most populated country, with nearly 1.4 Billion people.
  • Only 10% of the population uses the internet.
  • Only 162 million Chinese are internet users
  • This leaves 1.3 billion potential future clients.
  • When China gets to the worldwide average for internet penetration of 20% they will have passed the number of Americans. Not American internet users, but the total number of Americans.
  • When the Chinese hit the European average for internet penetration they will have more users than Europe and North America combined.
  • It is estimated that by 2010 China will pass the United States as the biggest internet community online.

With the Olympics in China during August 2008, what better time to make your website available to the Chinese market.