Some Basic Concepts of SEO

As the Internet is so accessible and becoming easier to operate by even the beginners, web designers are often tempted and encouraged to do their SEO by themselves and this leads to a lot of failure. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very complicated venture. Even though the basic tools of it are fairly simple, the rules are not. The system of SEO is continuously changing because the search engines are always working to develop better and more accurate ways of judging websites based on their content and relevance. Only few amateurs have the time to keep up with the evolution of SEO regulations in order to get the most out of their efforts. In fact, their lack of knowledge often leads to the opposite effect and leads to a de-indexed site. Here are some basic concepts of SEO.


Effective use of targeted keywords in the content of a website or related articles is the most effective method of SEO today. The biggest mistake people make when employing these words is not choosing the correct set of targeted words or phrases.

Choosing the wrong keyword in optimising the website is the worst mistake you can make. The keywords that you target are what guide visitors to your site. Visitors that come to your site expecting one thing and finding another are counterproductive to your SEO efforts because you won’t make any sales, and they will begin a negative word of mouth campaign.

There is a fine line between effective density of keyword usage and overuse. The commonly agreed upon effective keyword density is about 5% per page. Some search engines permit a heavier density without penalty but Google is hard on offensive methods and will target a site that appears to be trying to manipulate their spiders.

Get your keyword in your title and all search engines take content and relevance into account when they are judging a website and your title should accurately match the content on the page. Using a keyword or phrase in your title goes a long way in making it match up and even makes your keywords carry more influence in the body of the text.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are factors that have been used and misused for as long as the Internet has been up and running. The combination of code and plain English often puzzles beginners in web design and they end up with a useless string of rubbish instead of a useful code to draw web crawlers for search engines. Always use your chosen keywords in your Meta tags and this will help to make them match your page content and gives them reliability with the search engines.

Use Press Releases

Press releases are effective tools to get the word out about your product, service, or information website. Understand the proper PR format and submit your press release to every available online and offline news source available. Always structure your press release in such a way that it provides genuinely helpful guidance so that news sources are more inclined to accept and print your submission.

Use Site Maps

Another tried and true method of SEO that has been around since the inception of the Internet are the use of site maps. These pages are easy to construct and will always guide the search engine crawlers effectively through your website and provide every chance for each page to be categorized on the search engine result pages.

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