The Right Way to Maintain Marble Tile Flooring

Marble tiles are believed by many to be one of the best flooring materials to use in constructing your home, or any structure for that matter, especially due to its certain unique and distinct characteristics. This type of tiles not only offers durability and functionality as a flooring tile, but it also helps in improving the aesthetic value of the room, making it an ideal flooring material for any home. Marble tiles can be quite expensive, but the amount is reasonable considering all the perks and advantages that you are getting when you use it as your flooring tile.

Marble is a natural stone that is considered to be very durable, giving it the characteristic of being able to withstand a certain amount of damage done to it. And with its hypoallergenic attributes, it also helps eliminate the chances of germs and bacteria from surviving on its surface. However, no matter how durable and hypoallergenic marble tiles are, they still have a tendency of getting stained and damaged, especially if they are not maintained properly. If you want your marble tile to keep its shine and beauty, and make it last for a very long time, then you need to make sure that you take care of them properly through constant maintenance using the appropriate cleaning process and materials.

Marble Tile Maintenance

If you want your marble tile to remain shiny and clean, then it would require your constant attention and care. You need to first know what things you need to avoid in order to keep your marble tile flooring looking as exquisite as possible. The best thing that you can do is to avoid using marble tile flooring on high-traffic areas of the house, especially in areas that can cause the most damage to your marble tile flooring through constant contact, such as the driveway, kitchen, and other similar areas of the house. Unfortunately, this is sometimes difficult to avoid, which is why properly maintaining and cleaning your marble tile flooring is crucial in making it last for a long time.

One thing that you can avoid when cleaning your marble tile are acidic substances, such as vinegar, orange juice, tomato juice, and other similar liquids and substances, since marble tiles are highly porous, making it easier for these types of materials to stain the surface of the marble tile. This is why you should only use a neutral pH cleaning solution when cleaning the floor with marble tiles. If you want to avoid staining your marble tile flooring, you can use mild soap and water when washing and cleaning your floor. If acidic substances spill on your marble tiles, you should immediately clean them up in order to avoid the stains on the surface.

Marble tiles are also prone to water spots, so wiping off any type of spill on your marble tiles using a dry towel can help reduce water spots and stains on its surface. However, glazed marble tiles require a whole lot less attention and maintenance since it is able to withstand more damage and staining. Nonetheless, it still requires the basic sweeping, vacuuming and mopping in order to keep its shine and cleanliness. By not allowing dirt and dust to set in on the tiles, you can help maintain the visual impact of the marble tile flooring by keeping it looking great.

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