Tips on How to Submit Articles to Directories

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Directories are search engines powered by human beings. Human editors compile all the listings that directories have. Directories consist of a collection of categories into which links are separated. Categories can have sub-categories to make the division of links more specific.

Sites started popping up where you could pay for a program that would automatically submit to thousands of sites for you or you could pay a monthly fee and they would do it for you. The quality of these various services and programs is mixed. Sites of low quality, illegal materials, inappropriate content and those submitting multiple or spam my submissions will not be included in our directory. Please don’t waste your time or ours.

Publish your own blog with easy to use tools. Share your favorites with friends. Publishers can select articles to publish on their websites, in newsletters or ezines.

Search engine friendly article submission directory. Search and see what comes up on the Internet. Search engines value links from quality web directories because it means that your site has been checked and selected by a human being. But not all web directories are equal, and you want to be careful when submitting your site to not just throw good money after bad links.

Submitting your articles to different article directories can contribute to your site’s maximum exposure. Heedfulness is necessary in choosing the best article directories to submit to, that’s if you are doing the manual submission. Submit only one URL a day (no more than five). Force-feeding your URL’s will only get them not listed or even banned. Submit and share some of your own original content. This article blender is filled with letters and words and out comes a delicious blend of smooth, quality articles.

Submit your original quality articles, and submit often! The WWW is FULL of people craving, needing fresh reading materials. Submitting 2 pieces is like submitting 22 and so on. Please pay attention that approx 1/2 of the total number of visitors of our directory are coming via the translated articles and thus you get better exposure with us!

Google scores me well, yahoo really bad. Google prefers developing scalable and automated solutions to problems, so we attempt to minimize hand-to-hand spam fighting. The spam reports we receive are used to create scalable algorithms that recognize and block future spam attempts.

The first is to create massive back-links to web pages in order to increase their position on search engine results pages. The second is to attract targeted visitors to your website. Over time, this will help drive traffic to your web site and increase your link popularity. Getting started on Article Creek is easy and you can begin publishing your articles online immediately. How many links they accept or where they accept them. Do something different, useful, funny, and sexy in your niche and people will link to it naturally.

Incorporating various search engine optimization strategies within the article like, using keywords, keywords phrases etc. Only if the article has been optimized to meet the requirements of the search engine can it be found on Google . Also use the keywords effectively on the page content. Right keyword and optimized keyword specific content is the key for better search engine ranking.

It relies on choosing some niche keywords based on your web site theme. The process is fairly simple and can be expanded to get tons of traffic to your site. You can then buy the keywords that are likely to convert into sales. When you are able to be smart about your marketing, it stops becoming an expense and starts becoming a cost of sale. It does you absolutely no good to be number one for a keyword phrase that nobody every uses in a search.

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