What Can $20 Buy For Your Business?

For $20 a month, ACI Call Tracking is paying for itself, increasing sales, training employees and still providing a profit four to five times. For Example, one small business owner offering carpet and upholstery cleaning makes an average profit of $180 on each appointment. By incorporating an additional $20 into his advertising budget, he purchased a single line from ACI Call Tracking. The business owner found that with the missed call feature, optimizing one sales lead, the line has generated a profit and in doing so paid for itself, and then some. This is only one example, using only one of the many features available through ACI Call Tracking.

Suppose that same call to the carpet and upholstery cleaning company was not a missed, but answered by an employee providing less quality and service than mandated by the business owner. That first impression is a representation of the quality of service a customer can expect from that business. How much is that business losing on an employee who doesn’t know how to do their job? With call recording, improving customer service and training employees is as simple as logging onto online account management. Media Watch Dog listed “Overburdened Agency Staff” as one of the top ten risks in advertising stating “Clients and agencies have reorganized, slimmed down, pared back training programs and stretched their staffs further than ever before. Bottom line, there’s more to do and fewer people to do it. This dynamic can result in a lower level of protection for advertisers investments, minimizing returns and increasing risks” For $20 a month, for a single line, management and training eliminates this gamble and gives employers the chips they need to get the most from their employees.

The rising cost of advertising presents tremendous risk to any business not holding their advertising accountable. Consider the following; A twelve week campaign can cost upwards of $15,600 for a 2″ newspaper ad, the same campaign in a magazine will average $1,200 to $5,000 per month or per issue (depending on ad size and demographics), one 30-second commercial (during prime-time) averages $200,000. Direct Mail – $1,500 and up, Radio advertising, costs between $90 to $120 per spot, Outdoor advertising will cost $3,000 to do the artwork and install media on the billboard (depending on impress level) and ranges from $5,000 to $500,000 and finally, online advertising averages $5.60 pay-per-click or $5,200 – $18,000 a month for aggressive campaigns not including search engine optimization. No matter how big your business is, this is not pocket change and these numbers are projected to go even higher in the future. In this light, an additional $20 to ensure the most impact, value and return on investment, especially $20 that will pay for its self five times over, is a proverbial “No Brainer”.

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